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Price it to where it's worth doing. I don't like doing mini cakes. I price them high. I am now doing order an for them, but it's worth the money, so I don't mind. icon_wink.gif

Sorry, I can't let this go by. I LOVE doing mini cakes so it's hard for me to comprehend. When you say you price them high, how high are they? And what size? Don't mean to seem nosey, but this blows my mind! icon_surprised.gif

I do't like doing then, cause it is hard to smooth something so small or cover it in fondant, at least for me. They are aslo time consuming, I don't care how much I do them like an assembly line. I can assemble and cover a 16" in less then a quarter of the time it takes to do 3 minis. They are 3", round or square.