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Vanilla pudding in frosting????

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Hello.... I'm fairly new to this cake decorating thing. I'm kind of bored w/my buttercream and was wondering today if I added in a package of instant vanilla pudding if it would flavor it and make it nice or if it would make it nasty? Any ideas????

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Well, I don't know about frosting, but I've used a Raspberry Mousse filling recipe that used vanilla pudding as a base and it was just divine! =)
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I use instant vanilla pudding quite a bit... it's a wonderful filling in a standard white/vanilla cake! I don't add it to buttercream, though.... I mix it with heavy cream, @ 2 cups. instant vanilla pudding, throw in some vanilla bean paste and it's a decadent, mousse-like filling!!
I also use it as a dip for fruit.... just use more cream and make the mixture thinner!!
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My suggestion is to try it. =) Then you'll know for sure! =)
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I wouldn't do it. I think it would be gross and gritty. Plus, the vanilla instant pudding is yellow.

I have whipped instant pudding with heavy whipping cream for family cakes. Actually, I am doing that Saturday for my grandfather's cake. Both of my grandparents are very old and both have compromised immune systems, so I'm not making the usual IMBC.

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Ah, yes. If you're going to try it, I'd suggest making the pudding first, and then add it to the frosting....
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