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Dull appearing fondant

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Hello All,

I have made about 15 cakes using either fondant accents or fully covered fondant. My problem is that I seem to have to use alot of powdered sugar in order to keep the fondant from sticking to my counter or mat and it ends up with a dull look. What do I need to do differently to change this?

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you!
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Ideally, you shouldn't have to use anything to knead and roll out fondant. Atmospheric conditions play a large role in the prep and use of fondant. Using too much powdered sugar can cause the fondant to dry. A very light coating of shortening on your mat or table should suffice. The brand can be a factor as well. Satin Ice changed their formula a couple of years ago and it's now too soft to use in this area. I'm in NC where we've been enjoying almost 70° temperatures. However' it's also been raining a little for several days. So combine humidity and no heat on and you have fondant's worse nightmareicon_smile.gif. I actually had to turn the AC Friday to get my cakes done! Do a little detective work and you'll figure out what's causing your issue!
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I use shortening to roll mine out and it gives it a nice shiny finish. Which is great unless the customer wants a matte look, then I'll dust it with powdered sugar and a pasty brush.
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Thank you. So far I've been using MMF. I will have to experiment with that some more and also try some retail brandsicon_smile.gif
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