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However this same person keeps posting in How To forums and others about best recipes for icing and cake to carve and not done a stacked cake until recently, one of the posts is that she has not done a cake in 7 months because of being on bedrest and now having a 6 month old. I think she is still doing this cake and intends to charge. I think she is for real....
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Like everyone else has said, I wouldn't do this design for your friends wedding. Not that I think your skills stink (you've got a lot of lovely cakes in your gallery) but this is a hard design, harder than anything you've got in your gallery. I would ask her if she would be okay with round cakes instead of square. Have you ever tried to fondant a square cake? Talk about headaches. This design in rounds would still look awesome and I think you could totally pull it off.

As far as pricing goes if your not a legal baker than its a freebie. You should also make sure that the venue will accept your cake if you aren't legal. How embarassing for you AND the bride if you got there and they wouldn't let you in.

If you are legal and can charge, in my area fondant cakes start at $3.00 a slice and go up from there. But I live in southwest Missouri, I have no idea where you are.
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OK - - first of all, from the "Hook 'em Horns" cake in your gallery, I'm guessing you're in Texas. If that's the case, you're all legal to charge for your cakes under the Cottage Food Law. As long as the financial transaction takes place face to face and you have the required label on the cake, you're good. And since your cakes are tax exempt, no problem there.

Now, as to the degree of difficulty that everyone's so concerned about - - looking at your gallery, I would say that's not going to be much of a problem. You don't say when the wedding is to take place, but unless it's this weekend you have time to do a practice run. I think you're perfectly capable of doing it, but it would be loads better if the first one you did wasn't for the actual wedding. A practice one, even 2 tiers, would give you a much better idea of what you need to look out for. You should always learn something from every cake you do, and I think this will be a true learning experience.

Pricing is a touchy issue; everyone has their own way of calculating prices. For a fondant-covered cake, I would start at $3.00 - $3.50 per serving and adjust from there, depending on your area. Same for the groom's cake. Delivery would be $1.00 per mile round trip.

Your bride also needs to be educated about the world of cakes, and what is reasonable and what's not.

Good luck, whatever you decide to do.
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