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Normal chocolate on cakes

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Hi, I'm looking at making a plain sponge cake and then using a heart cutter to cut the shapes out. I then want to cover them in hard chocolate. How easy is this and can I just melt normal chocolate and pour it over? Any help would be brilliant. Thanks
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Sounds like that would be the way to do it - - like poured fondant. thumbs_up.gif You got this.
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I would probably make a ganache, because it'll be much easier to pour than plain melted chocolate.

If you want it to set up even firmer than that, at least add some shortening to your chocolate when you melt it. It'll take longer to set but will go on much more smoothly. With this method you might try "dipping" the cakes rather than pouring, though I've done this only with cookies so I don't really know how well it would work with cake. You might have trouble with crumbs in the chocolate.

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Just a friendly reminder (apologies if you know this). Keep in mind that if you use chocolate you will have to temper it otherwise when it sets it will be dull and likely develop fat blooms. The chocolate will also not have the "snap" of tempered chocolate.
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Thanks for your help, I've heard of tempering chocolate but not quite sure how to. Don't you have to heat it up and let it cool serveral times? I defiantly want the chocolate to be nice and hard and have a nice snap to it. Do you think a little spoon full of buttercream on top of my sponge would work before I place the chocolate on or would this melt as I put the chocolate on?
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