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how to substitute row eggs in cheese cake

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I have a cheese cake recipe that seems so good, its only problem that it is a chilled not baked cheese cake and it calls for 2 whole eggs. the yolks should be beaten with the cheese and the cream. then the whites should be beaten and folded to the mixture. I really dont want to consume raw eggs, so I thought that I may substitute the egg whites with maringue powder, but what about the yolks? Suggestions?
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Where did this recipe come from? A reliable source? If it were me, I would not make a recipe using raw eggs. Although there are pasteurized eggs available, I would keep looking. Post on CC for a good cheesecake recipe or visit a reliable site such as and look at the reviews.



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thank you for your reply icon_smile.gif
I got it from a women's weekly book about cheesecakes, and I really trust women's weekly. the idea about it that it is a chocolate chilled cheese cake. I searched for chocolate cheese cakes with good reviews before, and all are baked, but I do love chilled icon_smile.gif
I know that pasteurized eggs are not so common here, that's why I asked about suggestions...icon_smile.gif
may be to remove the yolks? I dont know what is it purpose....
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This is my chilled chocolate cheesecake recipe if it helps:

230g Digestive biscuits, finely crushed
4 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder
8 tbsp unsalted butter, plus extra for greasing

Chocolate Layer:

800g Mascarpone Cheese (Or Cream Cheese works just as well)
200g Icing Sugar
200g Plain Chocolate, melted

Combine base ingredients. Press into a greased 8" tin (loose bottomed)

Whip the mascarpone cheese and icing sugar together. Add the cooled melted chocolate. Mix until combined. Spread into the tin and chill for at least 4 hours.

I usually top it with dark chocolate ganache,

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I personally would find another recipe. Eggs are really not the risk they used to be, but just to be on the safe side I would try something else. I have seen lots of chilled pies that have raw eggs in them. I have a recipe for a chocolate silk pie which has raw eggs, but I have never tried it.

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thank you so much AnnieCahill for your reply and thanks LisaPeps for the recipie icon_smile.gif
yes I've heared that if I used organic eggs from trusted source then its OK, but I have a phobia from eggs and chicken because I got infected by salmonella befor, that is after eating from a certain resturant. anyways I'll try LisaPeps recipe and let you know icon_wink.gif
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This sounds great and delicious I will surely like to try it.
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Pasteurized eggs in the shell are safe per the egg board and the FDA. But they don't exist in my area.

I agree about a new recipe for two reasons. One, the public does not understand that pasteurized eggs are safe and I would feel like I would need to disclose this so that they could make their own decision... too much trouble, and two, you have some great bakers who have shared their recipes that are probably better than your original.

Baked cheesecakes are my favorite dessert, but they are more temperamental than chilled. I don't think I will ever run out of flavors I want to try in cheesecakes. I'm thinking of expanding this part of my business to its own entity. I have an unfinished tutorial (just no pictures) that will guarantee perfect baked cheesecakes if you are interested.
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