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Cake Decorating Classes in NOVA??? Close to Loudoun County

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Hi!! I'm moving from NYC where there are great classes that I can take for baking, decorating, fondant, sugar gum paste flower making, etc, etc... I'm moving to Loudoun County VA (Leesburg) and couldn't find much on google. Does anyone know of a good place to take some classes??
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I am close to Leesburg, and I know they have a Michael's. They offer all the Wilton classes.

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Thanks Annie! I'm certainly not too good for Wilton classes, but I'm also looking for something more advanced. I guess I'm just spoiled by being so close to NYC, there is so much so close!!! I've taken some Wilton classes, but will definitely look at Michael's to see what they've got.
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Keep in mind we are also very close to DC. I'm sure there is a TON of stuff over that way to do. Let me know if you find anything and maybe we can go together!

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Definitely! I also found Cookology in or near the Dulles Town Center! They have a lot of classes, too, and pretty cheap. There is another place in Bethesda that looks a little more professional. I'm originally from NOVA so pretty familiar with all the areas...was hoping to avoid too many trips into DC. I'm about to be a new mom (in about 6 weeks) and a stay at home one, at that. I haven't NOT worked since I was 16, so I am going to need something to do, just for me. Traveling to DC might be hard, but a night class here and there will be needed for sure. We're moving at the end of March. Stay in touch and maybe we can take some classes together!!
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Have you heard of a cake club called the Casanova?

I haven't joined because I don't have my evenings free ever. It might be a bit of a drive since it's in Alexandria, VA.

There is a cake supply shop in Fairfax, VA called fran's cake and candy...

Before they updated their web site they had a spot where you can sign up for classes. But I can't see it anymore so I don't know if they stopped offering classes or if they haven't had a chance to add it to their new web site. But it could be worth a call to ask...

Congratulations on your coming baby!!!
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Thanks Sofia! My mom lives over in Alexandria, so maybe I could give her a little babysitting time once a month icon_smile.gif I'll check out the cake club.
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Here are some ideas for you:

Reston Community Center
2310 Colts Neck Road
Reston, VA 20191
(703) 476-4500
They have a variety of cooking classes that will vary during the year.

21100 Dulles Town Cir # 321
Sterling, VA 20166-2497
(703) 433-1909

Hope this help. Liz..

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Not sure what other classes you have found since coming to town, but the National Area Cake Show always has classes (annual show that is usually in March). Great show w/ lots of celebrity decorators teaching classes.
Also, Norman from (FoodNetwork Cake Challenge winner) teaches classes in Arlington. He's been traveling a lot recently but I plan to go to more of his classes once he resumes classes.
Let me know if you have found any other ones.
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I teach classes in southern maryland. I know its about an hour from you but I am doing so pretty cool stuff like gelatin and isomalt. I desided to start teaching because I know when I wanted to learn all this cool stuff no one around taught it. I ended up going to culinary school. This is a very new advanture for me but it is going great so far. Check us out on facebook.
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I remember awhile back when I walked by the William Sonoma in Dulles Towne Center mall they had some kind of Cake Decorating Techniques class posted up on their board. I just glanced at it, so I can't recall anything about it; but that might be worth looking into
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Hey!! I was wondering if you had ever taken any classes at Michaels!?! I LOVE baking a decorating and am starting a home bakery business in the Leesburg area. I have only taken Wiltons Basic Decorating course 1 so far but would love to take more! If you haven't taken them yet and want to take them with someone who loves to bake let me know because I am dying to take the rest but don't want to go myself haha I am a junior in College so I have to wait until I'm done with this semester of classes to start the rest! But let me know!! And congrats mom to be!! :)

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Hi Sugarshocksweet! I have taken some Wilton classes. They are definitely great for beginners. I've also found a few other places and people who offer classes. Check out B Cakes by B He offers classes in Falls Church. I can't remember the other names right now, but I'll post as soon as I find them.


Good luck!!


Thanks to everyone else for the responses. Now that I'm in VA and baking like crazy (and I got to my first ever cake show!), I'm meeting a lot of people in the industry and making a lot of connections :-)

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