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I'm also glad it worked out.

I would also have your son place a phone call to his grandparents...
Tact is telling someone where to go so nicely they can't wait to take the trip!
Tact is telling someone where to go so nicely they can't wait to take the trip!
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Originally Posted by Debbye27

[quoteI do understand that you may just give-in for the sake of peace in the family, but if you buckle and make this cake it won't be truly appreciated, .

People do tend to over react initially- and although it was uncalled for- this may be repairable -now that everyone has had a cooling off period. It's up to you, but a second phone call or gesture may fix this mess.[/quote]

Why in the world would you think it should be up to her to try to smooth things over? She did nothing wrong. It was the others who acted stupid and rude and they should be the ones to apologize first.

Some people are just push overs.
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Ok, so I just finished reading the rest of the thread. I am so glad that the OP did not give in and call the others to "smooth" things out. Glad that they went to other bakeries and had the eye opener and then apologized to you.
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Im glad it worked out .Hopefully it will be an eye opener for your son. Maybe he will enjoy the experience .
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What wonderful news. I'm REALLY proud of you. I'm proud of your son. I'm proud of his girlfriend's mother.

I have taken opportunities to tell my great-niece & -nephews that a sincere apology is often the most difficult thing that many people, ESPECIALLY adults, can do. I hope they remember as they continue to mature.

The day is a little brighter because of your good news.
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I didn't say she should call up the mom and apoligize - I said maybe a second phone call would help.

I said that because family is important, and to a 17 year old his girlfriend is 'extremely important'....and for the sake of that maybe a second explaination would have helped- once the mother cooled down.

My post stated that from the mothers point of view....the mother heard from her son that she would be getting an incredibly amazing cake for her daughter's sweet 16 - what mom wouldn't want that? I'm not saying it's right- but that is what the mother was thinking at the time she got a phone call -then heard, I will not be making that cake- my son was out of line....blah blah blah.

Again-I am not sticking up for the mother in any way shape or form - she was rude and disrespectful, and out of line to act that way.....or to expect something like that for free.

I said a second phone call might have helped b/c she wasn't another customer- she was the son's girlfriends mom- obviously somone who is in her son's life...and for the sake of peace, a phone call without yelling or arguing......after the fact - could have smoothed things over and explained how much time and effort that would really be- it's what I would have done.

I don't appreciate being called a pushover- as when I am in a situation like that I try to think logically from the other person's perspective. Sitting back and waiting for an apology from someone who is obviously upset and misinformed isn't the best way to go.

Fortunately the OP's son stepped in and resolved it...problem solved.
I've learned so much from my mistakes..... I'm thinking of making a few more!
I've learned so much from my mistakes..... I'm thinking of making a few more!
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A great learning experience for everyone! Plus-how much fun will it be spending time with your son decorating?! He will come away with the knowledge that you really work hard, and are very talented. Who knows-maybe he will love decorating and can be your assistant in the future.
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Originally Posted by syarber

Scp1127 I think that it is awesome that your willing to do that for your girls. icon_biggrin.gif Most of the time I don't mind making cakes or other goodies for my kid's events but this was over the top for me. I would normally charge about $750 to $800 for this type of cake.But my biggest problem was that he said I would do it before talking to me about and to to me that just isn't acceptable.

So here is the update. He came home yesterday afternoon and apologized. icon_surprised.gif He and his girlfirend and her mother spent the afternoon at a couple different bakeries pricing cake. It was an eye opening experience for him. He then asked me what kind of cake he could get for $75. I told him he buys the supplies and has to spend the time in the shop baking and decorating the cake with me.

The girl's mother called and also apologized for her outburst. I told her what my son and I agreed upon and she and I agreed on a simpler design. I love it when things work out.

I don't know about ya'll but I feel like I just finished a Hallmark movie and feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Awwww, I'm so glad it worked out like that. icon_biggrin.gif And that your son will now have a better appreciation for your business! Wonderful! icon_biggrin.gif

I feel the need to go hug my mom now.... icon_smile.gif
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LOL. Hallmark were not. But I'm definitely glad that it is resolved.
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