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Not sure if this will help. The carlabuchanan recipe is from the Rice Krispie web site. I have seen a recipe from another Kellogg's site that has caramels melted in with the marshmallows this might help with you color (although may need to add extra color) and 'sticking' problem.
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You may have to look around a bit, but some stores carry colored marshmallows - yellow, orange, green and pink - they're fruit flavored. The yellow may give you the color you want. Maybe mix some yellow with white to tone down the brightness of the white.
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I bought store-brand rice crispies last week to use in cheese krispies. I was shocked when I opened the box and saw how white they were - told my hubby that if I had been planning RCTs, I would have to toast the cereal first just to make them look right. So maybe it would help to bake the cereal till it gets a bit browner?
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always a big hit when people see this at parties, but i've never seen it that big before icon_smile.gif
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Thanks all for the wonderful help! The show was Sunday and I asked the question a little late but I did manage to figure something out. I didnt have time to order the sheets of RKT from food service and I just wasnt liking the look of any of the homemade recipes I tried (although I have sense saved the website posted, thank you). I already had the styrofoam dummy so i knew i just needed to get something to cover the outer part. I found that the pre-packaged RKT from Kellogs were a good look but they were not soft enough to smash together without having huge seams where the treats met. I happened upon large boxes of Little Debbie RKT at walmart and thought i would take a chance. They are a little more yellow in color, but once on the "cake" they looked wonderful. I am extremely happy with the final outcome and to do the dummy, I didnt even need 3 of the boxes of treats for a total cost of around $10. Now when someone orders this I can do the homemade treats on the inside to form into blocks and cover with these treats. The final outcome is in my photos. Thanks again all!!!
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