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While I really didn't care for the wedding cake from the OP- I disagree with the Kardashian cake leaning. It looks like the picture was taken at a slight angle. If you look at the line of the table from the bottom, it's slightly crooked. Sometimes cakes can look wonky depending on the way the picture was taken, I think this may have been a case of that.

I don't know. I've looked at that picture a few times and it definitely looks like that first black tier on the bottom is where things start going crooked.
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Originally Posted by Annabakescakes

It is completely amazing what kind of garbage gets put on tv and then the "celebrity" status requirements are really low... And I think kardashian's cake is straight, but it was was "fixed". That double tall tier fourth from the bottom looks wonky, and the white flowers look stupid.

I was thinking the same thing about those little white flowers! I can only assume that the bottom of each layer is not clean and they put the flowers there to cover it up. They look so unattractive.
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I think I`ll start offering my cakes to Hollywood if the original cake cost $9,600. icon_evil.gificon_razz.gif
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Yes the white flowers do look "off" with the design in the Kardashian cake. It looks like it's all in buttercream so maybe when they were putting the black tier on the white one they wanted to hide the bleeding from that? That was very ambitious with all the tiers being that shape- they had to be spot on or it would look really bad, and I think as far as alignment goes they did a great job.

I also agree with the price tag on the Vanderpump wedding cake, when they said that price, and I saw the cake, I was like you have got to be kidding me. They almost made it sound like there had been gumpaste flowers to put on the cake, but then they decided fresh would look better (without even seeing the gumpaste ones). I also thought it was funny that Lisa was talking about the cake with one of the wedding planners, not one of the cake people. I wonder if the person that designed/made the cake even had any idea that the plan had changed! She wasn't complaining about the cake, so I'm assuming they were satisfied with it, which I sure wouldn't have been! It just seemed very strange.
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I agree with you on the Kardashian cake. I actually like the cake, just not the flowers. But you made a good point, they may have had to cover up some bleeding. It looks like they are covering something up.
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I just tilted the whole picture a hair to make the table straight, I think the cake looks straight; however, I could be wrong my vision is not 20/20.

I honestly think that the white flowers play a part in it looking crooked haha, they are not straight so it draws your eyes to it and emphasizes that imperfection. It's very odd. It makes me wonder how much that cake cost.

Still very beautiful, but I agree it was not the best touch up if that was covering some flaw in the cake. I can't image how many hours went into that it; just icing the tiers alone would have probably driven me to the brink of insanity! (I'm admittedly not the best at sharp buttercream corners)
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