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Originally Posted by Rosiepan

That's hilarious. I now have a mental image of that scenario LOL.
Reminds me of another time my hubby got his words in twist. After seein the physio for back injury, I asked how it went. He replied ok but I have to go back again as he wants to intimidate the muscles. I was in hysterics as I could picture the physio staring at his back with a mean look on his face saying,'you will get better or else!' he meant manipulate!!!!!!!
Mind you I was surprised he didn't recommend marzipan to relax his muscles though.Tee, Heee.

OH, wow that one made me cry! lol
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This is cracking me up. I love the threads I just have to read out loud to my husband when he wants to know why I'm laughing.

I'll chip in one. Once at my office a colleague and I were discussing a client over our in office chat. There was something the client had done to really get under our skin and my colleague typed, "Oh well, I guess we just take it as a grand assault." I thought about that, confused, then typed back, "Do you mean take it with a grain of salt?". "I'm pretty sure it's take it as a grand assault. You know, as in no big deal, just let it go." "On what planet is grand assault no big deal?! Buddy, I think you've got it wrong." We went back and forth until I typed in some links with common sayings. I guess he had just never typed it out before, and saying sounded close enough when you have a thick southern accent!
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Thank you so much for the laughs!

When I was growing up, we had a market on the corner owned by a wonderful elderly couple named Chuck and Fanny. They were like grandparents to the neighborhood children. Well, one day, my brother was not behaving andmy mother hollered, "Knock it off or I'll spank your fanny!" He burst out crying, and pleaded "No! Mommy don't spank Fanny!"
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Oh my goodness. That's too cute.

I've also been reading all of these to my husband. =) We've been quite enjoying them. =)
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