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Need Advise

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So after some great thinking and encouragement from many people. I think I finally got my prices to the level that they should be. However I havent got one order since! I really dont think my prices are too high (im right at or lower that every bakery/baker in my area) but because I do alot of shaped or theamed cakes I do not have have my prices my website. When people contact me for a quote I figure out the price based on the number of people and amount of time and detail for the cake. I then give them a list of different ideas I have matching thier theame along with the price for each option. I started this once I took my prices of my website and since then no orders.....I wondering how some of you do it? Im afraid I may be giving my ideas away but Im like to let my customer know what they get for the price. TIA
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What is your current marketing strategy?
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My prices with size, # of servings, is on my site for every cake.
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I used to have pricing (not the highest but mid to high pricing) on our site and I did this to limit the number of requests since we were limiting the number of orders per month. Then I removed pricing when we were ready to take more requests. We do get more requests without the pricing on there so I try to get them in for a consultation. We recently added a pricing page which is very basic but it's kind of hard to find (due to us re-doing our website).

How long has it been slow? You know mid October to the end of December is a really slow time on the internet, my site traffic goes down about 40% during that time but things are picking up a lot now. It could be just you aren't ranking as well on google and other search engines. Do you have Google Analytics so you can track site visitors. if not you need to cause it could answer your question.
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I have no issues with the price because even if they see mine first, don't call because they think they were too high, a few trips to other bakeries will soon show the bride that we are all similar in price. I don't mean the same, but in line with quality/style/price. We all have something different to offer, so it comes down to preference.
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My prices where listed on my website but it was for just basic sheet cakes. I recently deleted the prices to try to increase my buissness, I though if ppl inquried and seen that they got more that just a plain cake that they would be more likley to order. I did get alot of quote requests for about a week and each one of them I gave them a range of ideas with prices. My prices right now for sheet cakes are at or just below other baker in my area and then from there I charge 2.00/serving for a 2D cake and 2.50/serving for a 3D/tiered, which I know is less than alot of those on cc charge and less than what other bakers in my area are charging. Should I stop giving so many options? Maybe I can put a "budget" question on my submission page to get an idea of how extravagant ppl want the cake to be. Im soo frustrated.......
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And yea I do have a tracker on my website and It shows good traffic still....
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