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Wedding Fair - Goodie Bags

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I'm very excited I've been accepted to have a stand at a local hotel's Wedding Fair. Its very hard to get into them here.

Anyway this particular hotel doesn't take a fee for the stand, they ask you to provide a gift for Goodie Bags that they give out to the Brides & Grooms who attend the Wedding Fair. The guy in charge said its a great way to get samples out their, but I'm trying to think how best to present them.... what would you do?
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What are you hoping to give them?

If you offer favour cookies you could do something like one of those with your company name on them in a little bag tied with ribbon and a business card attached?
A cupcake in a jar like people have discussed in other threads? (obviously again with a business card) It would give a sample of your cake and frosting/filling although not show off your decorating.

I'm not sure how a little decorated cake/cupcake would work because presumably they will get battered around before the brides to be will even see them and then realistically they will be carrying them around for a few hours before they even look in the bag... Would cupcakes in the little clear cups work with the base of the wrapper firmly stuck to the inside of the lid and then the cup used as a lid?

If you don't do cupcakes or cookies I'd go with the cake in a jar I think. Ooh, just thought, could you get some spoons printed with your company name and website and attach them too? The spoons will hang around much longer than the cake and be used and advertise your company for ages to come.
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For one bridal show I did many years ago I found a small rectangular bakery box that held 3 cupcakes perfectly. As others have said, branding your gift is the real key here.

Have you considered handing out gift certificates for a 1/2 dozen cupcakes or a free 6" inch cake? The brides wouldn't have to carry cake around all day and (potentially) eat stale cake, and you would only have to actually give the samples to the people that contacted you again meaning you get another chance to meet them and sell them on your services.
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