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zebra cake

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Easiest way to make zebra stripes with fondant is there a cutter for this ?
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No cutter that i know of. I just make some wavy strips and then cut them randomly at an angle. I have a tutorial on my blog ( the 50 & fabulous cake ) .
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Yes, the stripes should be random and varying sizes. Some beautiful ones are posted on this site, I made my first one in November (in my gallery) zebra stripe outside and inside. It's a fun cake!
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I paint them on. I like the stripes being flat to the surface of the fondant.
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I don't know of any cutters out there but I usually just roll out my black fondant pretty thin and then cut with a pizza cutter. I make some of the stripes fatter at one end and thin out to a point and make sure to make others with two points at the end (kind of a flame shape), this way I have a good variety to work with. After I get them cut, I separate them and then lay a slightly dampened paper towel over them for a few minutes to get the fondant flexible again. HTH. Happy Caking!
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The most important thing to remember when doing zebra stripes is: Don't over think it! They're supposed to be random. Roll out a fairly thin piece piece of fondant and cut straight across the bottom with a pizza cutter to make a straight line. Work perpendicular to the base line, cutting strips with random thickness, angling the tops. When applying, paint entire cake with water (or vodka - less apt to leave "shiny" spots). If you're doing a tiered cake, leave dry a space in the same size as the next cake base for easy removal of excess. There are several youtube videos you can watch. It's much easier than it looks.
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