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3d Razorback cake...Pricing

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I have finally pinpointed my pricing for my regular cakes, but still struggle with 3D cakes. I was asked to make the cake in my gallery for a birthday party next weekend. The one in my gallery was for my son's 7th birthday. I have no idea how to go about pricing 3D cakes.

My base prices are $2 per serving for all buttercream, $2.50 for mostly buttercream, $3 for fondant covered.

The razorback is covered in buttercream with RKT covered in fondant for the nose, and hooves. Honestly it was very simple to do, and took me less than 1 hour (minus bake/cooling time).
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i've seen this razorback cake go for 4.00 per serving.
do you live in ark? what do similar cakes go for in your area?
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The prices in this area are sooo inconsistent! I have called bakeries in the area and gotten a difference of more than $50 for exact same cake, 35 servings.

There are only a handful of bakeries in this area, the biggest competition is wal-mart and harps!! Most people don't know that there are other options.
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the 4.00 per serving was how much 'cakes by sam' charged, i believe late last year. she does a very nice razorback. she is in cabot i do believe. hope this helps. know you have to price reasonably, but don't give it away. it looked good. under pricing will just bring more people that want a 'hollywood' cake for nothing. that is not the type client anyone wants these days. if you're going to break even w/out profit, how will that ever be worthwhile? compliments are rewarding, but they don't pay the bills.
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I am familiar with "Cakes by Sam". She is about 3 1/2 hours south of me. I am in NW Arkansas.
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siloam springs area maybe? nice area!
know a lot of things need to be considered regarding cake pricing.
there are threads on CC that detail some of the things to consider.
good luck.
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Same county as Siloam Springs. I have figured out so much of my pricing from CC (and so many other things!!).
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