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ATTENTION EXPERTS!!! Rice Krispies Treat Nightmare!!! Help

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I have a Little Mermaid cake due for tomorrow and I am attempting my first RKT sculpting. Im tying to sculpt Flounder and Sebastian. I made the RKT according to the recipe on the website, and I tweaked it a little according to suggestions on CC. I made the shape of flounder and all is good. now when I cover it with fondant it so BUMPY!!!! How can I get rid of the bumpiness?????I looked around and I tried to do like some people suggested which is covering it with buttercream so it fill-in the bumps and the fondant will have a base to stick to, but still it is super bumpy....Please help!!!
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Try putting the RKT in the fridge, then use a knife to cut down the bumps. I like to use a small paring knife. Then cover with buttercream & re-chill. You can smooth the buttercream with a hot knife or warm hands. If it's still not working, sometimes I've ended up covering with a second layer of fondant. HTH.
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I put my rice krispies in a zip lock bag and take a rolling pin to slightly crush before I make them. Since you already have your sculpt made I would cover in white chocolate, then after it sets up, use the warmth of your hands to mold.
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Debbie - US Army (Retired) --aka "The Cake Sarge"

Good Cake Ain't Cheap! Cheap Cake Ain't Good!
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I will try those methods...thank you so much!
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I have seen people take a fine grater to it (similar to the effect of the paring knife). I have also seen the sculpture covered in royal icing or melted chocolate prior to the external layer of whatever you are using...I'm assuming fondant?
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I have found covering my sculptures with Melted white chocolate. I first fill the larger holes with the modeling chocolate then I melt the chocolate and coat the entire sculpture with at least two coats and then give it a final buffing.
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I use to wrestle with this.
Initially I covered with chocolate melts. This was easy to smooth but fondant didn't really stick well.
So I have worked at it and now have a method that works well.
Make your sculpture as good as you can. It will have bumps and open holes.
Next make a batch of royal icing.
First use the royal icing to fill in the gaps. Make it as smooth as you can. The first coat will not be very smooth. Let dry a while (About 1 hour)
Then apply a second coat of royal icing. Give it a few minutes to sink in. The top layer of RKT will soften. Use the side of a knife or a spatula to smooth the bumps.
Your damp hands and the side of a smooth butter knife will work magic

Below is one I just completed for a cake due in a few days.
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I have also had luck just covering the shape with a pretty thick layer of fondant (like 1/4", maybe a little thicker) and then it just squishes into the holes but there's enough on top to stay smooth.
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Lynne3 then you put fondant over the RI? Never thought of that....I always use melts or modeling chocolate made from melts.
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I pop in the fridge to firm up, I hit it with a microplane zester to get rid of any big bumps, then cover in chocolate. Once firm I then use the warmth of my hands to smooth any bumps from that. Depending on the project, I brush either shortening or piping gel to the RKT get the fondant to stick. Piping gel if I need it to stick to the underside of something.
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Yes the RKT is first covered in royal icing, and smoothed down.

If you stop at this point it will dry hard. But not to worry.

Just damped your hands. Gently touch the riyal icing to give it a bit of 'cling' and cover in fondant.
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I did a few things with Rice Krispie and I double fondanted (lol!) them. I put a thin buttercream layer to fill in any larger gaps and to allow the fondant to stick. One layer of white, which looked a little bumpy and a slightly thicker layer of fondant in color over it. No bumpies at all! It was my first time using it and I loved it! Try it, it wor
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