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Rose dome cake topper

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Im making a wedding cake for a friend and she has a 7 tier cupcake stand and on the top tier i would like to do a rose dome cake topper but have no idear where to start with it.
I was wondering if any one could help me with step by step or just any tips that i could use.

Any help would be great thanks
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Are you talking about making one from g/p roses, etc. Is there a pic of something you want to try. Is this something like what you are needing to make.
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yes i would be doing it out of gumpaste or flower paste.
That picture is perfect, iv been looking at the exact same picture and printed that one of to show her.
i would like to use white feathers in the gaps those between the roses see what that looks like.
have no idear where to start with it tho icon_smile.gif
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Start with a styrofoam half ball a couple inches smaller than the size of your top tier. It may take more roses than you think. Bigger roses are less work but leave more gaps to put filler flowers in.
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I thought that is what you were talking about. Yes, use a half round styrofoam ball, I persoanlly would cover it with white fondant or( lite moss green.)This would give the illusion of greenery, etc. I would make 2 different size roses. Are you making feathers with g/p or using the artificial ones. You could make some rose leaves also. That would be very pretty.hth
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You could also make the dome out of cereal treats and cover it in fondant to do the multiple roses or if you would like to do one large rose you could make it with large circle cutters. Just turn a saucer over, cut five circles and shape them like you do your smaller roses, start outlining the outside first and work your way inward to the center. I use paper towels to help shape and keep the petals separated. You can make an entire rose in one sitting. I have attached a copy of one that I did.
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Thankyou all for your comments, i have ordered and styrofoam half ball to have a go with and all my flower paste so should be hear this week then i can have a go and see what it looks like. The flowers i will be hand making from flowerpaste and the feathers would be artifishul white ones on wires. Not sure what it will look like but il have a play and try some different things to see what i come up with.

I wasnt sure for the final thing tho wether the dome should be made out of fruit or sponge cake but i guess if im putting wires and stuff into it it would be orquard and people mite not like to eat it and if i made it out of styrofoam it could be kept for ever as a memory from the cake.
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