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Does anyone contact brides after the consultations if you don't hear back? If you do, what do you say and how long do you wait to contact? Thanks! Michele
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In general, i did not re-contact them. I used to keep stats on how much time elapsed between between initial contact and making hte tasting appt ..... between tasting and booking. It would range between a day and a half to as much as 8 months. Brides are shopping. They are comparing. They are being smart consumers. They are avoiding impulse buys. They are information gathering early in the process so they can make an informed decision. They are waiting for their tax refund so they can put deposits down.

Once in a blue moon, depending on the circumstances, I might send a short follow-up email of "Just confirming that you received the info I sent you after your tasting appt and to see if there is anything else you need from me at this point. Please let me know how else I can help as you gather information for your event." Not pushy ..... non-committal. And I didn't send any emails after this.

Personally ...... As a consumer, nothing turns me off more than a business who won't let go. As a consumer, I'll call you when I need you, so stop bothering me.
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