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New Technique, help??

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Inspired by Michelle created this lovely cake. Anyone know how to create the ruffle technique for the second tier.
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Hi, it looks to me like , she just cut strips of fondant,(thin) folded it in half. and gathered it and glued to sides of cake. It wasn,t ruffled with a tool, it is just gathered. That is what i see , when i enlarge it. hth someone else might have a different view.
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I agree, strips bunched up together and glued to the cake with either water or a dab of royal or better yet, white chocolate for glue. What a gorgeous cake and what a ton of work. Thanks for sharing, so glad I saw it.
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just spitballing......could you do this with stiff icing and a petal tip? Just asking.
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Thanks everyone for your response.
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Who is the Michelle that created this beautiful cake? I searched the memberlist here on CC but there were no pics for Michelle (: I want to know how the bottom layer was made - it looks like a cutaway or are those grey dots of icing or fondant on the lace effect? Any ideas? Merry Christmas everyone!
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Inspired By Michelle is a Sydney cake designer. Very talented. You Tubes are worth a look.
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