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Will MMF always stay soft you use it for decorations and not add tylose powder? Or will it firm up just a bit on it's own.

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It firms up a little but takes a while. I've made bows with it, but let them dry almost a whole day. Now, for decorations I use gumpaste or 50/50 mix with MMF.
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Yeah I have used gumpaste too. I love gumpaste but it dries so quickly. I think I may try mixing it 50/50 with the mmf and see how that goes.
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With making decorations with MMF you need to make them in advance. I make shoes at least 3 days in advance, with smaller items you can make them closer to the date that you need the cake for but I use MMF exclusively and have not had a problem. I have made loads of stuff with it even a 6 inch shoe. I don't use gumpaste bc I don't know how to (I have a pot of gum tex and a pot of gum paste but don't know what to do with them so basically they are taking up space in the closet) I have found that if you add more icing sugar it is pretty firm.
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