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I've only been decorating cookies for a year now and that is ridiculous. She is definitely taking advantage of your offer. Also like most people she probably has no clue how much time and money goes into baking cookies. I have done decorated sugar cookies for $5/dzen and I made nothing off of them. Now I charge $1 per cookie and some people think I am crazy for it. They don't realize that detailed cookies take hours sometimes days to decorate correctly.

Besides the fact that 1 cookie per guest is more than enough. At most I would offer to do a monogram on cookies that will be laid out on the cake table like 2 dozen or so and then so a simple *elegant* (brides love elegant) decoration on the rest that would be at their seats. The wedding party will get the highly decorated cookies. Everyone sees your fabulous work and you don't lose out on much money. Time is another matter. But you also get to advertise. I would definitely ask her to provide the bags and boxes.

So yourself a favor and make a 6 day schedule. Day 1: Bake 1/2 the cookies. Day 2 Decorate them...let dry 24 hours or at least overnight. Day 3: Bag and repeat. That way you don't end up spending 4 days/nights straight in the kitchen. Rushing and putting out subpar work. Then regretting the whole ordeal. I've done it enough for everyone in this forum. : ) Hope that helps.

P.S. Most sugar cookies can be frozen before decorating with RI. For up to a month in an airtight container with wax paper between each one. Pull them out let them thaw completely then decorate and let sit at least 24 hours before you package and you should be fine.
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KIDDIEKAKES, Thanks for the advice. Trust me when I say, this will be the last thing that I do for free.

I recently spoke to a fellow cake decorator here in Trinidad who told a tale of the parents of the bride coming to her looking all "poor and downtrodden with ropes for belts and torn up slippers on their feet". They begged her to do a cake for their daughter who had gotten pregnant by some "scoundrel". All they had was $800TT (about $120US).

She did the most fantastic 3 tier wonderment for them because she felt sorry for the poor folks. When she delivered the cake to the parents' address it turned out to be a MANSION with pool and front and back porches and the works. The "poverty stricken" parents came out in the finest garments. They had set up this poor girl. What could she do. Break down in tears is what she did and said NEVER again.

So I have learnt NEVER to give my hard earned work away for free ever again. We live, we learn.
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Originally Posted by dillyjanjan

Wow. APTI you're tough as hell but I guess it comes with doing this stuff for years. I am brand spanking new at this and I still have a foolish bleeding heart. I have A LOT to learn when it comes to disappointing brides and being smart. I am sure my husband will agree with you totally. Deep in my heart I am still trying to give her what she wants. But that will involve me having NO CHRISTMAS. You are correct.

I have never sold cakes and have only been decorating for 2 years. (Retired, happy hobby baker.) BUT~~~I was in business for 30 years. This has nothing to do with being tough, and EVERYTHING to do with reasonable, good, [business] decisions. If you start out wrong with your baking passion, you will burn out very, very quickly. I've seen many posts to that effect.

It may be hard for you, but make the right decision and say No. You've learned a valuable lesson on this one and have just barely dodged a huge bullet. Temper your desire to please and produce beautiful cakes and cookies with a strong dose of common sense and you'll be just fine!

I hope you have a lovely, relaxed Holiday with your family.
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I totally agree - that is a lot to do, for free and for your first time doing such a large order and in a home kitchen.

I just finished making about 150 cookies (as I do every year) for my father to give out and it took LOTS of hours and LOTS of space.

I know it's hard - I'm someone who avoids confrontations like the plague - but you really do need to stand up for yourself and tell her your concerns about time, cost and space for that many cookies. Good luck!
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I agree with Apti ,very well said .
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Slowly.....very slowly...I am beginning to see how she was perhaps taking advantage of the offer. Even if you know your guest list is 250 persons why would you suggest 750 cookies. You cannot think that that is easy to do. Even if you are not a cake decorator you cannot think that that amount of cookies is a simple request. I am learning alot (as I continue to say).
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Slow is much better than never!

So......have you told her NO yet? Not just "No to 750 cookies", but "No to ANY cookies AT ALL?"

What's your hubby saying now that you are starting to understand that she was going to take advantage of you?

(Even the thought of me doing 250 super-simple drop cookies would make me nauseous. I'm finding it is waaaaay easier to do chocolates.)
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Apti, I told her that I would do the 250 cookies. They are not sugar or butter cookies but coconut cookies. They are sturdy lil buggers and the cheapest in terms of ingredients. They are something I could make and store. In fact they get better with age. No lie. I did a batch of 150 for a bride already and they did not take long to bake.

I will do the royal icing decorations and store them. I could start this probably today or tomorrow. Even though the wedding is on the 26th I plan to start assembling and packaging the cookies by the 22nd.

I know you will probably disagree but I gave my word. Let's just call it "This once and never again"

Oh and my husband thinks that I should do the 250 cause I gave my word but he now has a strict no volunteer policy. He also wished you were here living with us cause he likes your attitude. lol.
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I applaud your decision. It is do-able and allows you to keep your word without sacrificing your family time. Tell your husband he made me laugh out loud! That was funny.

Good luck on your future baking & decorating. You've had quite an introduction to hobby baking AND the CakeCentral forum. Welcome to our cozy little group of fellow sugar crazies!

(and, by the'll do dumb stuff again......we ALL do. I have a theory that it's too much powdered sugar on the brain!)

Merry Christmas!
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i didn't catch...does the bride know she's only getting 250 cookies?
It's not "just"'s my life!
WI State Representative for Icing Smiles...start 'Baking a Difference" today!
It's not "just"'s my life!
WI State Representative for Icing Smiles...start 'Baking a Difference" today!
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step0nmi, yes she does. I told her that 750 was an outrageous request and she said that 250 will be just fine. I am about to start my royal icing decorations today. lol. I hope they can last till the 26th cause I have no intension of doing them again.
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If you feel really guilty about not providing three cookies maybe offer to do one larger sized cookie as a compromise but still - she is seriously inconsiderate to not realize how much of a burden this will be on you no matter what (even if it was 250 tiny monogrammed cookies) - she's not a true friend. She just wants free party favors and you are probably saving her $500 easily by doing this for hericon_sad.gif You're very sweet but she's noticon_sad.gif
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luvmysmoother, we agreed in 250 large cookies. I am working on the decorations as we speak. I do think she was just seeing an opportunity to get something for free. Thanks for the advice.
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Hi all,

I SURVIVED. This was the worst experience of my baking life and I would never do this again. It was way too much work and it almost killed me. I came out on the other side stronger for it the experience. Thanks for all the help guys. You are the best.

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glad you survived! i'm sure you're glad you did it though...all for the experience icon_wink.gif
It's not "just"'s my life!
WI State Representative for Icing Smiles...start 'Baking a Difference" today!
It's not "just"'s my life!
WI State Representative for Icing Smiles...start 'Baking a Difference" today!
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