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I really like seeing how many people have viewed my pictures and that is a BIG disappointment to me. That's why I post them to begin with, mostly. Please reconsider and put it back in. Thanks. Also not all my pictures are still in my gallery - missing my second page of photos. Like every other project, bug fixes require additional bug fixings!
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ditto to the ads-- they are of a size that is SO overbearing... of course that's great for the advertisers, and I get that this is a free site and you need adspace, but wow. It would be a little easier on the eyes even if the facebook like box was placed at the top of the ad columns.
As it is, the first thing I see is a flashy neiman marcus ad with a butterfly zooming into the pic. Quite distracting, and as it's flash based, it's not exactly 'friendly' to those who may be using accessibility devices to view the site.
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Nice, but 2 things:

The Quick reply block is a little narrow/squished.

Not a biggie, but the main one is

There isnt a quick way to see what catagory a cake is in unless you look at the bottom after the description. it used to have the header above the image as to what catagory it was in icon_smile.gif
A down-to-earth South African who has a growing interest in fondant cakes...I've been bitten by the cake bug!
A down-to-earth South African who has a growing interest in fondant cakes...I've been bitten by the cake bug!
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SOME BUGS? ?? Thanks for ruining I.had 2 recipes saved. all i get is FILE NOT FOUND ERROR440
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I had 4 pages of photos now there is only 3. ??? I miss 30 photos. Why?? icon_sad.gif
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Love it so far, but can you please add highlighted search terms in the text of the search results?!
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The new look is refreshing however a few things must change:

1) The ads are way too big as others have stated. They are actually competing with the content instead of being a side bar. A reduction to maybe a 1/4 of the page would be sufficient.

2) Consider having some kind of textured or pale graphic background. For screen resolutions greater than 1028px it would break up the extra white space on the sides which just reinforce how squished the content feels.

3) Bring back the Forum highlight on the first page!. That's definitely one of the features that makes me spend the whole day on CC because I can quickly see what's going on.

4) Fix the bugs! What happened to the additional pages in my photos? my saved recipes and the recipes altogether? etc
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Oh, also, it's still not letting me click on second and onward pages of search results (it will show me multiple page links, but I can only view the first page). When I click on page 2 or higher, it brings me to a "no posts meet your criteria" or something like that.
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Is there a way to shrink or close the ads on the right side?
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Liking the new look , but have just logged on and tried to get to 'my photos' and it is coming up with an error saying 'page not found'. HELP - does this mean I have lost all the photos I have uploaded over the last 12 months or so :cry
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no stats on my cakes icon_cry.gif
Pls fix it!!!!!!
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Thanks everyone for your input so far!

There are still quite a few new bugs from this update.

And I will for SURE be bringing back the gallery stats! It was actually an oversight. don't worry we will be bringing it back in the next few days.

Hang in there!

birthday.gif Jackie

birthday.gif Jackie

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Hi, I can't see my photos? love everything else!
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LOVE that more thumbnails are seen at one time. But where are my favorites? My recipes and fav pics? I don't see anywhere to find them. icon_cry.gificon_cry.gif
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Originally Posted by JGMB

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you can view multiple pages of new photos and favorite photos instead of just having that one little strip of thumbnails that you had to cursor through. Less use of the cursor saves my wrist for decorating!

On the downside, when I tried to find my own photos, I got an error message. When I tried to look at my saved photos, it said that I had to be signed in to see them. I was signed in already.

I love, love the whole thing. I'm having the same problem as JGMB but with my own photos. I get an error. I know it's a work in progress. I especially love viewing multiple pages of new photos and of favorites.

For the people complaining about the ads on the right side, big and bold, please understand that those ads allow you to be a part of CC for free.
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