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Originally Posted by hanicampbell

I logon into my account and when I click "My Picture" it gives an error 404 - Not Found. Even I tried to search a recipe, it still gives "an error 404 - Not Found". Please fix the problem. The new look of the web looks great and neat but you have to fix this problem....


I am having the same problem, nor can I access any of "my favorite recipes". "My forum posts" seems to have vanished as well...But the new look is more modern - I like it!
Edible art is the best kind of art!
Edible art is the best kind of art!
post #47 of 314 is still using the old layout.

Also most of the " quicklinks " at the bottom of the page do not work.
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I like the way it is set up but everytime I click on something the page either says error or is blank. I can't find recipes it Won't go to the list of them. I may like it more once all the bugs are fixed. Will let you know if i have any other problems.I'm alittle frustrated trying to get to the pages I want.
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I cannot load my saved recipes or look at any recipes at all! The site keeps telling me ERROR 404 ITEM NOT FOUND. Now what? I need a few recipes for this Saturday and I can't access them! Do not like this at all! >icon_sad.gif
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With all changes, it takes some time to find everything, but I like it! icon_smile.gif
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I think it looks just like the cakes we bake forum. A little confusing and empty.
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hi! Im havinga hard time to see the recipes. please help.
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I think the new site is beautiful, but not completely without glitches. I am unable to see more than the first view of my cake. I have 2 more views. I'm sure there are others with the same problem. Thanks for all you're doing, but please fix this glitch. thumbsdown.gif
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Ditto all the comments. Can' access my photos. Error message. Also my favorite recipes came up blank. Do like that the first page comes up first in the forums. Always hated having to scroll back on a old topic I hadn't gotten in on the first part.
live to ride
live to ride
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Overall it looks cleaners but the ads on the right take up way too much space - seems like the site is now more about advertisements than the cake work. Also, I enjoyed checking out my stats and that's gone icon_sad.gif I also log on everyday to see the latest topics and that's gone. I specifically uploaded a new cake to see if you can upload several pics at the same time and that's not available, which isn't practical really. When I checked out my new uploaded pic, I couldn't find the 'additional photos' for it.
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I like the new look except the stats missing on my photos... it helps me to understand what people like and dont like for future cakes.
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I really don't like the ads at the right side of the page. How do I delete them?
Norma J
Norma J
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Put the big ads as a banner at the top of the page and let the content take up the full width of the page. Limiting content to 2/3 of the page is not good, especially when the trade off is for ads which flash and are animated. it is distracting. We are here for the content, but have to put up with the ads - I get it. But the ads don't have to be to the detriment of the content and that is the problem here. The ads crowd out the content.
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I don't see anyone mentioned this, but I just skimmed over some replies: I loved seeing the hot forum topics on the front page! What happened to them?? I do love the scrolling feature on the new pictures-CC used to have that, and I'm happy to see its back!
Join in the craziness!
Join in the craziness!
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Not a fan (yet) of the change, hopefully it will change. I can't get into my photos, getting an error message, and I can't find anything. I believe in if it's not broken, no need to fix, however, I know that change can be good, so I'm optimistic that the change will be for the better. It would be great if the bugs are fixed quickly, it would sure aide in my opinion of the change.
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