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I will tell you what this is about..... Caring about making money and NOT caring about the people that have come to depend on this site.... Good luck trying to get people to pay for an upgraded version. There's a lot of cake sites out there.... I think maybe I should go to those....
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...having a few problems with the new site:
Where's the search button?
How do I upload a pic?
How do I get to recently posted pics?

I miss the stats on my pics too!!
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Don't like the new look. The drop downs on top don't always work. Hope your still working on it. I have to say I'm very disappointed that you turn this over before it was ready.
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After I choose favorites button, where can I find them. Help
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I'm trying to see the glass half full, but I really don't like the new changes. Sorry Cake Central. I've been on the site for hours each evening, and tonight just a few frustrating minutes. I really hope the problems are fixed, because I love the site sooo much. icon_sad.gif
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I know I replied allready, But this is horrible, Please please, Go back to the old way icon_sad.gif Can`t find anything.
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I am not happy with this new look-set up. I can't find any of my saved recipes! I don't have them pinted and when something worked out well then I saved it and could always refer to it. Now they are lost. I don't like the recipe part on here at all-I liked all the main topics then being able to search inside that. I don't like not having the stats on my pictures. It does lift the spirits when I saw those before. I don't like not being able to see "a little of everything" when I login. Search function is really bad. And ads are horrible 1/3 of the page! When I try to look at pics instead of getting a large abount, now they are all small and not a lot to look through. I'm sure there is more I might not like, but I've only been logged in a few minutes and HAD to express my dislike. I'm sorry but this isn't good.
The worst critic is yourself.
The worst critic is yourself.
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Can't upload pictures! Half of my pictures are missing. Can't find recipes I saved! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!
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Where are my saved photos and recipes! I spent hours (days..weeks..months) searching and saving my favorites and now they are ALL GONE!!!! So frustrated! icon_cry.gif
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I can't figure out how to search for any recipes. All the recipe links take me to the same spot. Thanks for listening.
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as the others said, my saved photos and my saved recipes cannot be found! icon_sad.gif and I really liked the most talked post, I am one of those that always were looking just those post instead of going reading every single post in every single forum! PLEASE put back the saved photos and recipes, I really need them!!!!!
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I really dont like the new layout the adds ar super big and seem to be taking over. It doesn't seem user friendly. I know it maybe for the better but I really dont see how. Sorry to sound so negative but I loved the old way everything was right at your finger tips, now I fell like I'm on a seach mission icon_sad.gif
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how do we upload our pics now?
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I like a lot of things about the new look; it's clean and fresh looking. I haven't read all the posts in this thread but I have read enough to know that the stats will be returned to the pics (thanks icon_biggrin.gif ). My gallery is missing many pictures but I'm assuming that will be taken care of, too.

I don't see where we can edit our profiles.

When there's a down arrow or upside down triangle, I always assume that means there's a drop down menu. I don't understand why there are down arrows next to some of the tabs at the top of the page when there's no drop down menu.

I really liked the forum feature that told me when my last visit was and miss it.

I'd like to see the reply to topic button at the bottom of the page instead of the top.

Unfortunately, it seems the attachment feature hasn't been fixed.
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Where are all the saved photos of cakes that I have liked and put into my "favorites"????
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