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The Tutorials page is all in different languages!!!!!!!
Mommy1st Cake Decorator 2nd.........
Mommy1st Cake Decorator 2nd.........
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Do NOT LIKE that the latest forum posts are not on the front page and when I did find it, found that the new way is more "work" than the old - has too much info.
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Would be great to have "reply to topic" at the end of the last post and how do you make all the posts 'as read".
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Love the new look icon_smile.gif , but where are the additional pictures of the cakes? I also enjoyed knowing how many views and favorites status of the pictures, did you take that out? please bring it back. When I was uploading a picture today, the area that states "select if true" just kept bouncing me up and down the page, therefore I ignored that part and went straight to the submit button.
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I like it Jackie!!!!
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Looks like this page is a giant ad. Booo on new set up.
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Keep getting this error when I hit the recipes... Error 404 - Not I can't seem to download picts to my favorite pics. Miss seeing some "blog" talk from the forum when you first click on cake central.. Also, it seems kind of small compared to the advertisements.. There did I "complain" Sorry, just liked the old look I guess..
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I really don't care that 1/3 of the home page is ad's. I know you need ad's for income but I find that the ad's with moving and flashing pictures breaks my concentration on viewing the cakes. I find them (the ad's) very disruptive.
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I would just like to say that the crunched up forum makes it really awkward to read posts.

I don't know how it was on the old forum but the tiny square quick reply box is really weird and terrible to check my spelling and if my post makes sense.
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I Miss the cake stats for my photos.
I noticed that when you click contests it takes you to the home page with the old look.

I love what I do and do what I love

I love what I do and do what I love

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I think it will take a bit of getting used to. Where did the visitor counter go? Not happy about that, think most would feel the same.
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I had 2 pages of photos now there is only 1. ????

I miss the current threads being on the front page.

I keep getting error codes when trying some of the features

Edited to add: Now I just tried my photos again and get an Ooops No Photos Found and and Error Code.
You can only be called a failure when you start blamming others for that failure!!
You can only be called a failure when you start blamming others for that failure!!
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I'm going to sound like a grumpy old lady, but I can barely read the new font, especially the forum topics when I search for unread posts. I know I can increase the text size in my browser, but I can read all the other sites I go to just fine. I don't want to be changing it back and forth to come here. I'm viewing it on a 24" monitor, I can't even imagine if I were trying to look at it on my phone right now.

Also, the ads and the facebook app are blocking part of the forum posts toward the top of the page. The quick reply box is just a small square instead of the usual rectangle (although larger than it has been the last few days). I know it looks different in different browsers, I'm using IE9 if that helps.
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I can't see any of my saved recipes! Also it tells me that I can't see any of my saved pictures because I am not logged in. I logged out and tried it again with the same result. Very frustrated since I have two different cakes I am working on this weekend!!!!!
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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you can view multiple pages of new photos and favorite photos instead of just having that one little strip of thumbnails that you had to cursor through. Less use of the cursor saves my wrist for decorating!

On the downside, when I tried to find my own photos, I got an error message. When I tried to look at my saved photos, it said that I had to be signed in to see them. I was signed in already.
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