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I have Build a Bear templates

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Since it's Christmas time again, I'm just posting a reminder. I have all the patterns and instructions for the NordicWare Build-a-Bear. There is a Santa, a Princess, and a Soccer Player. If you have the pan and need the patterns, just send me a PM with your email address and I will send them to you. I can't post them to a PM - the files are too large.
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3D build a bear cake decorating ideas (with some directions):

Build a bear buttercream frosting technique using pans as mold:

How to make fondant clothes, etc. using a shaped pan:

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I hope that you still check your account as I saw this post online and desparately need the princess bear cake template.  The cake pan I bought did not have the templates included. I thought that I could just get them online, but to my surprise when I was preparing (for the birthday in 1 week), the site no longer exists!  If you have the templates and can share them with me, I would be oh so grateful!

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Hi can you please email me the BuildaBear templates for the ballerina.  I really need them.  Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,

If you still have it available I would be so grateful if you could email the clothing templates for the build a bear cake. It is so generous of you to share, thank you!

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Oops....sorry, I forgot to include my email address!!

Thanks again, Susan
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Hi there Tigerhawk!


The holidays are here again and I never got the opportunity to get the Build a

Bear templates.  Would appreciate if you can email them to me.


Thanks greatly!


Happy Holidays!



Please reply to:

Sunshine707 or

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I know this is a post from years ago, but if you still have the templates, I cannot find mine.

Thank you very much!

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