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So my Georgetown Cupcake book came...

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I have to say I was very excited to see the box on my doorstep today! icon_biggrin.gif

Of course I had to try one of their recipes tonight. I made their Gluten-Free Lava Fudge cupcake. YUM! It was delicious. I have a few co-workers who are gluten-free and I promised them I would try out some recipes. When I found their recipe in the book, I knew I had to make it. It was very very good.

I think my coworkers will be excited. There are a lot of recipes in the book. I can't wait to try more recipes to see if their cupcakes really are that good.
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Can't wait to try some of these recipes since I can only eat gf foods, glad you liked the first recipe you tried.
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I also have this on my christmas list!!! Keep us posted on how the cupcakes turn out!
Be Helpful. When you see someone without a smile give them yours!
Be Helpful. When you see someone without a smile give them yours!
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Hi Osgirl, Thanks for telling us how good the recipe was. Please keep baking and tell us your opinions. Do they go into decorating at all? Any other recipes look really good to you? Also see my post under the previous thread about the DC Cupcake girls on The Chew yesterday.
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My co-workers LOVED LOVED LOVED their GF cupcakes. They inhaled them! They said GF baked goods usually have an odd texture or are really expensive (the boxed kind). They could not believe that something so good and so "normal" tasting was GF. icon_smile.gif

Tonight I'm making the Irish Creme cupcakes for my girls' weekend.

Kathy-They talk a little bit about decorating. They said they mostly use plunger cutters and mini cookie cutters. I was wondering though, because their small Christmas tree and reindeer are too small to be mini cookie cutters, and I have searched high and low for plunger cutters like that and haven't found them. I was hoping they would've given some more ideas as far as where they get some of their decorating supplies. Ask me if you have any specific questions icon_smile.gif
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I just ordered this book last night, I wasn't sure about getting it but read this post and decided to get it. I have been looking for the small plungers too specifically the tree if anyone finds out where please let me know.
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Mine came yesterday. I haven't looked at it yet, but hopefully today.
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I have skimmed the book and on first glance, it looks pretty good. For those of you who want to try scratch baking, this might be a good starter book for cupcakes. The recipes are simple because they believe in quality ingredients. The details are complete in the instructions which is a plus for new scratch bakers. I don't know what their cupcakes are like in the shop, but at 10,000 cupcakes a day, mine would suffer too. It looks like they are sharing some decent, balanced recipes. Probably their original small batch recipes.

The day to day in-depth look into a high profile bakery is not as detailed as with Buddy's book, but they give a good pep talk.

Overall, I like the book and when I get a chance, I will definitely be trying their combinations, if not some of their actual recipes.
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If you do try any of the recipes, please report back what you think of them. thanks!
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I'm going to be keeping an eye on this thread. I LOVE their cupcakes so I am hoping their recipes will be just as good!
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I am close to being booked up until January, so I won't be trying any of the recipes until then. So I too would be interested in the results. And I'm happy to learn that the GF recipe is good, as I have never attempted a GF recipe before. I think we bakers have a permanent flour cloud over us, like Eeyore's cloud.

By the way, Buddy's new book came yesterday. At first glance, just like his other book, these are his family recipes. That recipe for his vanilla cake with the Italian cream is repeated in this book. It's not really for the novice baker, as Italian desserts are not the simplest.

He does do the who line of bakery offerings, so this is not a cake book. He does have very clear, an a multitude, of photos with his instructions, including his ready-made buttercream and fondant cakes in his shop. If you are into all desserts like I am, this is a good one. If I want an authentic Italian dessert, this will be the book I go to... except I think Ina has him on Rugelach and Baba au Rhum. I use her Rugelach recipe (of course with huge changes) with gourmet jams and it is my best selling cookie (except chox chip). It is so elegant on a wedding buffet. My family has demanded it on our personal baking list for both holidays (along with Bourbon Sweet Potato Cheesecake). The Baba au Rhum is definitely for only an Old World palate and I do quite a few adjustments on it. As me if anyone goes to that recipe. And you must like rum, a whole lot, for this one.
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Another book just came, Dee Dee Wilson's, Truffles. This is the only book you will need for fine truffles. But this book uses pricey, fine and couverture chocolate, all the way, so it's only for the serious. It has enough information to make you able to create any flavor yourself after studying this book.

This is the one I read and my order is already placed for the couverture chocolate. This will be on the menu soon. I'm hoping to add them to a wedding dessert buffet I have booked in December.
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Hi scp1127, Thanks for telling us about this truffle book. I am going to look into this one. Have you tried Dede Wilson's lemon buttermilk cake from her Wedding Cake Book? I am going to make that one soon. Also please keep telling us about all the good books out there.
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Also please keep telling us about all the good books out there.

thanks scp1127!
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Susan - do you mind checking to see if Buddy's new book has a recipe for pignoli cookies?

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