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Black Royal Icing Not Drying

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This is my first attempt at decorating cookies and everthing was going fine until I made my black royal icing...I had to use a bunch of gel coloring to get a nice black color and now all the icing is dry but the black! Will it Dry??? Should I have done something else? HELP
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That's how I make my RI. I probably use half a bottle to get the right color of black. I've never had it stay wet. Let it sit overnight. If it doesn't dry it probably meant you didn't have enough icing in the mix.
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my black royal icing kind of does the same thing. it's the only color that stays looking a little dewy even after a day or two of drying. i dont know what it is. but it DOES dry, it just still looks like it's sweating.
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I know this won't help now, but next time, try using a darker base color before adding the black AND letting it set for several hours before you use it.

Starting with a brown or combination of leftover colors is what many decorators do to get a dark black. I add cocoa powder to my icing that I am going to color black first, so that it needs less coloring and masks some of the bitter taste of the color with chocolate flavor.

Letting the icing sit in an airtight container for several hours or overnight before using will allow the color to deepen, so you have to use less to get the color you want.

The more coloring you add, the more time it takes to dry.
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