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Disappointed in this retailer

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First let me say that I ALWAYS shop around to make sure I can get the best price on what I need. I have to do the majority of my shopping online, so I figure might as well get the best possible price when they vary so much by retailer!

I ordered a cookie cutter set and some cookie bags from Downtown Dough on Thursday. I needed them pretty quickly for an upcoming order and this was the site that had the best price for the items and priority shipping. Friday I got an email that my order had shipped and it showed up on Monday. I was super excited, because I've had experiences before where I upgraded shipping and it took just as long as if I hadn't.

Unfortunately when I opened the box I discovered a little note saying that my cookie bags had not shipped and were no longer available! I ended up paying twice as much in shipping as the cookie cutters cost! And I'm without the bags I needed. I'm okay with having an item out of stock, but I really wish if the item is no longer available at all it would be mentioned in the shipping email. At least I have the opportunity to buy them from someone else that way.
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Thanks for the 411! I always like to know how the on line companies work.
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call them and see if they will refund some shipping costs back. or give you a credit and free shipping on something else. couldn't hurt to ask!
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Good idea gourmetsharon. I'll at least try!
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With a few of the online cookie cutter companies. I have found the best customer service with Cheap Cookie Cutters although their cutters may not be the cheapest the customer service is tops. icon_smile.gif
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