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what I did wrong?

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Im a newbie I baked my first batch of cookies sunday after cool completely I put my cookies on an airtight bowl.

Monday around 7:30 pm I flood my cookies with RI, let the cookies on a tray over my table to dry , I did not close the tray with anything.

Tuesday around 7:00 I did the details , at that point I touch my cookie and was already soft I finish my details and let the cookie again over the tray over my table

Wednesday (yesterday) I pack my cookies completely completely soft icon_redface.gif

I used Karens Sugar cookies recipe and Antonia RI, the cookies are delicious and the RI is perfect .

Why my cookies are so soft? What I did wrong? Im frustrated I bake cakes since 7 years now and I cant make a decorated cookie.

I appreciate your help, I have an order of cookies for the 22nd this month and I need to make a good work.


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Putting cookies in a tupperware like bowl can make them soft. I put mine in a tin or just cover with wax paper until they are decorated. Hope that helps!
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After mine come out of the oven they cool on a wire cake rack. I leave them on the rack and just cover them with a clean kitchen towel until the next night when I start to decorate them. Through out the decorating process they stay on the cake cooling racks until I am ready to package them. Mine are never soft but they are not hard either, they are always nice and firm with a good texture. It might also be the recipe, you might try another one until you find one that works for you. HTH
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The moisture in the royal will go into the cookie and make it softer. If it was a little soft to begin with (closed container overnight) it might get too soft in the end.
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Agreed. The cookies should not be packaged at all until they have dried with the decorations for 24 hours.
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Thanks for your response. Im gonna try today another cookie recipe.

Thanks Again.

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