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Angelfood cake icing?

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My mom's 80th birthday is on Wednesday, and she wants an angelfood cake. I was thinking, simple, with fresh roses in a vase container in the center hole, and marchino cherries around the cake itself. What sort of icing do you guys use for angelfood cake, that is white?
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I just made this for a doctor I work with! I used a very simple recipe and he said it tasted like his grandmothers!! It was 2 tablespoons hot water, 1/4 tsp vanilla, 1 cup powder sugar and blend well, I let it refridgerate over night and then he heated it up before applying it on the cake!!
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Chantilly is great! There are different recipes but it's a Mascarpone Whipped Cream with a little almond extract in it. Light, fluffy and lightly sweetened like Angel Food Cake.
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Boiled icing or 7-minute icing ..
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I've never seen an angel food cake with frosting on it, only ever a glaze, a ganache, or a chocolate drizzle.

If you really want to frost it, I would suggest you use a Mary Kay frosting. It's a cooked frosting, but very light in texture and taste. I think there's a recipe for it in the CC recipe files.

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We've always put frosting one it..but the pan leaked, so I need a new one.I made the whipped mascarpone cream,and it is so good. Now I need a new Angelfood cake pan.
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This may be sentimental, but my Grandma made angel food cake for every family birthday, and it was always with cream cheese frosting. We just thought it was heaven. It's even better with fresh strawberries. I didn't realize until just a few years ago that most angel food cakes are not served with cream cheese frosting! icon_smile.gif
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Giada on food net work make one this afternoon(beautiful) with honey lemon yogurt sauce. Looked so good a lite and refreshing.
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Good old buttercream! When I was a kid it wasn't cake unless it had and inch of icing on it (according to my Dad)!
My hubby grew up with a whipped cream type of icing... a tin of pineapple with a box of "cooked" pudding mixed in and cooked til thick, cooled and whipped with whip cream.
May your layers be many and your frosting be thick! - Stampin Up
May your layers be many and your frosting be thick! - Stampin Up
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