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Annie, I would like it.
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Annie, what's a Bellini cake? I'm assuming it's along the same lines as the Mimosa and champagne cakes? I'd be interested in the recipe.
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Bellinis are drinks made with prosecco and peach puree.
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That sounds good. I love peaches! Well, it being a cake sounds good. I don't drink alcohol -- never acquired the taste for it. Please do post the recipe, Annie.
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Yes please!
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Yes, please post the recipe icon_smile.gif
I am a scratch baker working towards becoming a decorator, too Man, I hope practice really makes perfect
I am a scratch baker working towards becoming a decorator, too Man, I hope practice really makes perfect
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The recipe can be found in DeDe Wilson's The Wedding Cake book.

I have never tried this recipe but the two cakes I've baked from her book turned out well. I would love for someone to give this a try and let me know. I know some of her recipes can be hit or miss.
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I might try Ice Wine on this recipe.
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I finally finished my gazillion quarter pound chocolate chip cookies. Now this weekend I can concentrate on the pink champagne cake. I'll post my progress as I go.
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Pictures?????? Please post pictures! You don't have to put it in the gallery. I also want to see pictures of your humming bird cake since I've never had/heard of it before you.
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FromScratch, you have my site. The hummingbird is on there. I'm not sure if I have an inside shot of that cake. Did I give you my recipe with updates? I just checked the site and I do have a shot, but my computer was acting up. It is the texture of a carrot cake and the density and moistness are about the same. It is more sturdy than my carrot cake because I make my carrot cake into a pumpkin carrot cake and even though it is dense, it isn't sturdy.

This is awful, but I never expected the Mimosa cake to be a success the first time. I did make changes as I went, but the result was so good that I didn't need to repeat it. I made the cake as an 8 inch cake. When it cooled, I chopped off a hunk, torted the hunk, filled it and iced it. My two daughters and I tried it and determined it to be a keeper. But now I had a chopped up cake, a small amount of frosting, and a very pricey ingredient list to duplicate this cake just for a picture. So, I barely got a six inch round out of this mangled cake. I used a thin layer of frosting under the curd on two layers and used a regular amount of frosting on the middle layer. Then I barely had enough frosting to crumb coat, much less to cover the cake and do a tiny border, but I was not making that cake again until I had an order.

So I think I will take pictures at an angle and a nice inside shot. Don't look too close as I didn't have enough frosting to run the bench scraper very deep without hitting the cake.

The Mimosa is definitely a celebration flavor. I don't see that as a Tuesday night after dinner cake like the homey hummingbird. But the light, refreshing taste is really nice. You don't feel like you need a nap after eating it like most of my cakes make you feel.

Today I'll post a picture of the cake on my site and I will cut it. I saved it because the client and I haven't been able to meet. But I don't really care now. It is starting to get old.

I don't post my site on CC, but if anyone is interested, pm me and I'll supply the link.
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Susan, that orange curd recipe was so nice and thick that I didn't put a thin layer of IMBC under it and today (4 days later) I had a slice after work and it still looks and tastes wonderful.

Actually it tastes even better today and the curd didn't "melt" into the cake layers like I'd expect it would by now.

You're right about this cake being so light...I don't feel guilty that I've had a small slice every day. lol

It's unusual for me to like a recipe this much after just baking it once, but this one is really solid.

Thanks to Snarky for her generosity in sharing it here on CC.
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Jeanne, I wasn't going to offer it until I asked if she would like a link to her bakery and that mine was an adaptation, but some people wanted to see it. I made the price pretty high because of the ingredients, but I have customers who will order it as soon as they see it. I had to take into consideration whether that bottle of moscato will be ok flat for the next cake or will the price need to reflect the whole bottle because it won't keep. I don't know if the bubbles account for anything. The bottle was only $7.00. I also had to consider that I upped the Cointreau.

This weekend I'm making the Italian cream cake with the extra curd and the strawberry champagne cake.
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I just finished my strawberry pink champagne cake and it was honestly one of the best cakes I have ever made. I am tired tonight, but I'll post my changes to the Mimosa cake (my version) to convert it to the strawberry flavor.

Well, I have only had two champagne cakes in my life and both were mine. Thanks to the base recipe provided by snarkybaker, both have been a more than pleasant experience. In my very young business, I am finding that the more decadent the dessert, the more it sells. Just like with my vegan cakes, I can't offer something that is just ok, and these champagne cakes are not just a novelty, they are so good.
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I've changed my mind.

This cake turned out so well that I don't want it posted publicly for anyone outside of CC to see, but I will share it with any CC member. I'll write it up and anyone can pm me. This way, if a member wants to use it in their business, it won't be a published recipe, cached for anyone to copy.

I am sharing it this way because one, I am a business, and two, this was a collaborative effort among us and we should be able to capitalize. I understand that most champagne cakes are not usually favorites, but this one has the makings for a winner, so let's keep it to ourselves.
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