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Transporting cupcakes

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Any ideas on transporting cupcakes? I have tried lids to copy paper boxes, cake boxes, put shelf liner in boxes, but none of that works! My cupcakes always fall over! I know that you can order those inserts, but the site I looked at you have to order in bulk. None of the stores around here sale those inserts. So tell me..what do you use to transport cupcakes?
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Boxes and inserts for customers from

For bulk transport to a site, I have under-the-bed plastic boxes. Make sure they don't smell like plastic. Because the cupcakes don't come in contact with the box, I'm OK.

I put unfrosted cupcakes in the box, touching each other. I then frost them. On the last box that may not be full, I fill with full paper towel rolls and then a few balled up paper towels to secure. In the back of my SUV, I have industrial shelf liner on the floor and in between the boxes. They are completely secure.
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I use plastic hinged containers travelled with them for more than 4 hours & they were perfect. I buy mine from no need to buy bulk they also have different sizes & capacities. The shipping is fast & their service is awesome

One thing you should know though, if your cupcakes are covered with fondant make sure you make a lot of holes in the container to allow air, or else they will turn out soggy icon_sad.gif
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I just made 6 dozen cupcakes tonight, for an event tomorrow. I ordered liners on ebay and they didn't get to me on time, so I had to go out and buy some. I ended up buying those pretty Wilton ruffled liners, but they didn't fit into the standard cupcake box inserts without touching...for some reason the tops are wider than my regular cupcakes even though it's about the same amount of batter in each liner. Anyways, I figured I would try the foil method where you turn a cupcake pan upside down and form the foil over it. Well, they were touching that way too. So, I finally decided to try the toothpick method and it works great!! I went to the Dollar store and bought some foam core board. Cut that into cake boards to put in the bottom of each box. Then I poked a toothpick into the foam board where each cupcake will be, then placed the cupcake onto the toothpick and slid it down. They aren't going anywhere! I guess the car ride in the morning will be the ultimate test, but I can tell they will be perfectly fine! I think I will use this method from now on.
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I bought one of these recently

It only holds 3 dozen but damn it makes transport so so easy icon_biggrin.gif!
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Someone here came up with a very clever idea of using the "under the bed" plastic boxes with corrugated plastic board inside. The board will need circle cut outs for each cupcake to fit inside. I thought it was brilliant!

Not sure if the link will work, but this is the corrugated board I'm talking about.

For family functions, etc... I love my Cupcake Courier from Amazon.
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My way uses the under bed box without all of the labor of cutting out little holes. This is very time consuming. When you run a business, time is money. Plus, my way costs nothing.
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I also use the cupcake caddy. Plastic Container City is good too. Good Luck!
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