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Modeling chocolate substitution ideas?

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Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone has ever substituted glycerine for the corn syrup in modeling chocolate? I live in the Middle East and the only local store that ever carries corn syrup (at a ridiculous price!) is out and can't tell me when they'll get more in. I want to make some Angry Birds figures for my son's birthday cake this weekend and need some ideas for substitutions!! I have a tiny bottle of glycerine, some golden syrup, honey and agave. I would experiment, but my ingredients are pretty limited in quantity so I don't want to waste anything on a failure! Any ideas? Could I make marshmallow fondant and work that into figures?

Also, the coolest room in my house is 83F, will this affect my ability to work the modeling chocolate or fondant?

Thank you!
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I have never made modeling chocolate using Glycerine.. I have always used corn syrup, which I think is cheaper than Glycerine and they come is much smaller bottles.. But anyway you do not have much of a choice. Since you are not covering a cake with it, how about just use fondant or gumpaste ?

hope it works out for you.. good luck
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I thought golden syrup was corn syrup?
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It's supposed to be more like honey. But I think the OP should still try substituting it. Who knows? It might come out OK.
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Thanks everyone icon_smile.gif

I have never seen glucose here, just tiny bottles of glycerine.
I'm not sure exactly what golden syrup is (the websites I've looked at seem to have differing opinions! Perhaps it's just a terminology thing.) But it sure tastes good!!

Since no one has actually had to substitute, perhaps I'll try the glycerine; I'll also search for some marshmallows to try MMF (they make them different over here-not sure that will work either!). Hopefully one or the other will turn out! I'm not sure why the stores don't seem to have things right now; perhaps because it's the end of Ramadan and they're all sold out?

Thanks again!
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Before you try glycerine do you have a chemists/pharmacy near you. The first time I was able to get liquid glucose was from the chemist. They keep it for making pick me ups for sick babies, at least here they do.

Yours aye
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Hello funnyfarm. I'm living in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. A company here sells pancake syrup, which also makes a light corn syrup. So maybe try looking in the syrup aisles, you never know what you might find!!!
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hi, where can we find corn syrup / glucose syrup in riyadh ???

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83°F is a bit warm to work with modeling chocolate

try a 50/50 mix of fondant and gumpaste
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...Just realized this post was from 2011...
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