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Need help making a hello kitty figurine

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hello bakers...

My daughter is too excited to have a hello kitty birthday cake for her 3rd birthday.
I need my baker friends to rescue me...I don't want to let her down seeing her level of excitement!

I realllllly need help! Instructions/ videos...anything that you may have that'd help me to make a cute hello kitty figurine on her cake.

Looking forward to some good help.

Thank u in advance icon_smile.gif
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I wish I could help you somehow. I made one I used one of my daughter's figures and basically just copied it. It helped a lot to have it in front of me.
Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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i actually did a hello kitty 2 tier cake a couple of weeks ago myself! and i'd send a link to the pic of the cake, but isn't letting me post pics today for some reason!?!? lol... if you search through the hello kitty cakes here on this site, there are a few great ideas..this is actually where i got my inspiration from!

all i did was print out a copy of the hello kitty face (about 4 inches wide for a 6 inch cake) and traced it out of gumpaste.. when it was stiff enough to move without breaking, i royal icinged 2 sucker sticks to the back to stick in the cake... then i finished the face with was super easy!!! this is what i used for my cake topper... it turned out very cute icon_smile.gif
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Hi Justalittlesugar,

If you're making a small Hello Kitty you could use Fondant. If you need a bigger Hello Kitty you could use Rice Crispy Treats.

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I did what some of the others did and just had a Hello Kitty in front of me and used it as a guide to what she should look like. I do not have a pic of the figure I made standing up however I have one in my photos of a Hello Kitty that is flat on the cake with a little shape to it.
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I've never done a hello kitty, but anytime I try to sculpt, I like to have a 3-d model, like a toy. A picture just doesn't work for me (my brain can't compute it). I like to use MMF with Tylose mixed in for small figurines. I use wires to support things like arms and legs.
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Hey, there is a very good video tutorial on u tube for a hello kitty figure. I am not very talented, figure making wise, but I found the hello kitty one actually very easy to do. Just search for it in utube.
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I was just looking at Bakerella's adorable Hello Kitty cake pops last night - she does it brilliantly. Probably not what you're after, but worth looking at for cuteness value! May even help a little with your figure planning.

Great idea! I've already planned a Minnie Mouse party for my daughter's 2nd bday at the end of the month, but if I'd thought of it sooner, we'd be doing Hello Kitty as well. She loves it! Good luck!
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Not sure if this will be much help but I made a Hello Kitty cake for my friend's daughters 4th birthday and she loved it. It was really easy to make and tasted pretty good too. Could be an alternative if you can't find any tips on making a figurine?

Hope that helps
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I recently came across a discussion on another site where they say people have gotten into big trouble with Sanrio after selling food product likenesses on etsy etc...

I would be careful about selling hello kitty stuff. Of course, making it for friends and family should be fine icon_smile.gif
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Here's the link to one I did.

I just took a ball of fondant and started molding it into the right shape, adding on bits of fondant to make her features.
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gramof5...that is exactly what I did...

Took a ball of fondant and rolled it into a ball, pressed it slightly flat, pinch two sides to make the ears and wow! you have a Hullo Kitty shape...

Got several in my photos...did some last week that the customer used on the birthday cake and cupcakes that she baked..
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Hi last week I did a 3D Hello kitty figure I used rice krispies treats for both the head and body as a base. I grabbed a large ball of fondant with CMC or tyloose and on the center I placed the treat until it was all covered. To make the face I printed a Hello Kitty image and glue it to thick cardboard and then cut it out. Then I placed it on top of the fondant figure to make the ears and face exactly as the image. The same step with the body. When you have the body harderned you can start putting on her cloth, its easier this way. Make the arms and legs using the image as a guide. The Hello Kitty's image of the face needs to be cuted around the eyes and nose so you have an exact mold of the face.
This is the Hello Kitty I did![/url]
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If you have enough time you can skip the rice krispies treats and do it all out of gumpaste. Or if do not have time at all use styrofoam balls or any other similar material covered with aluminum foil. For the head cut it in a half moon shape and for the body use it all. Im from another country, here we use stryrofoam I don't know what material you may use in the US! I hope this works for you icon_smile.gif
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Hi. Ive made a couple of hello kitty figurines 2 of them are sitting and 1 standing. They're in my pics here. I didnt have any toys to copy from so i printed hello kitty same size as on paper and used it as a guide so i can have her proportion right. Her head is so big and heavy. I used 50/50 gumpaste fondant mix. Places ball of body and made it as a base. Sticked a lollipop stick cut to size as support. Made the head (no ears or face yet) and sticked it on top. Position head for posing then carefully removed. I let the head dry on parchment face up to dry so it would not crack. Left to dry for 2 days put head on top of body and add arms legs ears and bow. Put black and yellow fondant for eyes and nose. Used printout again as guide since eyes are so low on the face. Mark wiskers with black icing. Hope the helps.
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