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Cake Mix Extender -2 questions

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For those of you who have used the cake mix extender recipe posted on this site:

1. How many cups of batter does one batch make??

2. Can you substitute butter/margarine for the oil and if so, does it make the cake taste better or not??

Thanks in advance! icon_smile.gif
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Hi there!!

I can't remember how may cups it gave me however I believe it was almost like antoher mix.

As for substituting margarine or butter yuo do have to be careful. As you know there are many different types of margarine out there, some of which are completely unsuited to baking. The best margarine to use is the one that comes in the brick form...the harder the better. Major drawback to this is that it is more highly hydrogenated therefore the trans fats are higher.

Butter is good but there is a 'but'...different butters have different moisture, or water, contents. This can have an impact on your recipe. The more expensive butters tend to have a lower moisture content so the percentage of milk fat is higher.

Some people swear by replacing the oil with the butter, some by margarine....still others with the oil. Give 'em all a whirl and see what works best for you.

Good luck!
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I couldn't have said it better Tripletmom!
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