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Mini cupcake liners are sold separately and you can buy them. Nordiware cupcake pan set comes with a case of 1000. Use mini cup cake pans other than using microwave oven.
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i am having the same problem finding the correct cupcake pan size and wondering if and where you found the perfect size.  Any help would be appreciated!

                                 thanks  megpie

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 I can tell, you know of the chemistry of the cooking process.  I learned as a new bride that the pan available was not the best for the outcome.  The difference lies in the surface of the pan; the larger the circumference thus size.  I learned a lot about pan sizes and necessity of such in Joy of Cooking by Erma Brubecker [sic].  There are detailed information about baking with different pans.  For instance, if there is enough cake batter for four cupcakes but the pan bakes six cupcakes, fill the empty two with water to have right outcome.    If Wilton doesn't have this size, I doubt anyone will unless thrift store or garage sale. Maybe fill (pans) with water and compare ounce results.    Happy Good luck baking.!



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