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Tie-Dye Fondant

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I am making a surprise 50th birthday cake and they want the cake covered in tie-dye! I have been looking at how to do it, but I tried it one other time and it did not turn out, and I did it just as all the how-to's told me to.

Any tips from anyone that has tried in the past to make tie-dye fondant?
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I just finished a very cute tie die whimsical cake. This is what I did:
I took three colors (blue, green, yellow) and rolled them into thick snakes. then I stacked them on top of each other and twisted three times. Then I folded the whole thing in half. I gently formed it back into a log and twisted the whole thing 3 times more and folded in half once more. Then I rolled it out. After it was completely rolled out, I looked at both sides of the fondant and chose which one I liked bettericon_smile.gif Hope this helps. Mine was adorable.
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I hand painted mine with a foam brush. The cake is in my pictures. I tried to mix the colors but it looked to much like marble so that is why I hand painted it. HTH
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Originally Posted by Blenderly

Here's a link for how to tie dye fondant:

I used this same site to make this cake

The first time I did it I messed with it too much and hated the way it turned out. So...DON'T knead it too much.
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Take one big piece of fondant for your base color and then take smaller different colored fondant pieces and slightly kneed them together, make sure not to do this to much you don't want to combine the colore too much and end up with a grey piece. HtH at least a bit icon_smile.gif

YEAH!!! I'm now a junior member I <3 CC!!
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I did as all your tips told me and the tie-dye worked great! I used it just as an accent to the cake and everyone LOVED the cake!

Thanks everyone
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