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Has anyone seen.....

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Has anyone seen cake push pops? I saw some on Flickr and they look really cool. If so has anyone done then before and where do you buy the supplies to make them?
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Are those the same as cake shooters?

There have been several threads on here discussing cake shooters. I think they are cute but look like a major pain in the a$$. I'd rather do one large cake instead!
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We got some of those at a birthday party my dd attended. They were a PITA to eat. I've read threads on here where folks complained about how annoying they were to make (getting the cake cut to just the right size seems to be a problem). They are pretty though but I'd rather have a cupcake.
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I've bought some that I'm going to make for a party for son this weekend and am concerned about exactly what the other poster said - is it going to be a PITA to make AND to eat? I'll try to come back and let you know!
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DanaG21 would you mind watching the clock on this project? I'm wondering if the time making these makes them too pricey.
If you need more creativity, ask The Creator.
If you need more creativity, ask The Creator.
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I think they're a pain to make and to eat. But here's a link for supplies:

I know that other places have the supplies now. Last year it got hard to get the plastic cups, but I don't think they got too popular after everyone made them the first time.
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Thay are so cute though, but I can see how they would be hard to eat and definitely a PIA to make.
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They were meant for frozen desserts, that's how pastry chefs used them for. Then someone made them into cake and started a company, and Tori Spelling got it for her kids parties, and it was all over, lol.

Funny thing is that they were called Sprinkles Cake Shooters. I'm sure the owner of Sprinkles Cupcakes, who is not too nice about having other people with her name out there, made trouble, because now they've deleted the name.

I heard about another cupcakery that was called Sprinkles Sprinkles and she had that changed, too.
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