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Numbered cakes

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Someone suggested to me that rather than hiring out 2 tins for a 60th birthday cake I should instead bake a 12" square. Then with a template of the number 60 place it on top of the cake and carve around it scraping away the surface of the cake (NOT THE NUMBER) making the number 'risen'. Has anyone tried this and how would I go about putting fondant on it and how would I ice the number in a different colour? Also, how would I deel with the holes in the number 6 and 0? Do you slash a cross in the centre of the hole and then bring the flaps down?
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I never use number tins, always bake rectangles and cut numbers out. for the holes I only make an indent, as this makes it much easier to ice and less cake wastage. for rectangle I use a roating tin. xx
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That seems like a lot of hard and unnecessary work. Why not make two cakes and carve out the numbers from a separate cake and put on top? I only do fondant pieces so I can't help u there.
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