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The Bake Pop pan is also available at Bed Bath and Beyond, but there are no reviews. Would love to know how this compares to the baby cakes maker. I thought these would be fun to let the kids decorate.
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Thank you for the information Wente002. I'm going to check my local store this weekend. If you subscribe to their e-mail newsletter, they send you coupons for 20% off or $5 off.
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Good luck GatuPR. Looks like you can also order on line and pick-up at a store with no shipping. I don't live near a store, but hope to get to one before Christmas, so please let me know how you make out. Here's the link where I sasw them:
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I wish I had checked here before I ordered the bake pops pan.
Does anyone have a non toll free customer service number or is there an email address? I just did an order from the bakepops site and it billed me for 2 pans instead of one and I'm trying to contact them desperately.
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I ordered mine online months ago and still haven't received it! I gave up on it.
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my mom ordered us some she tried it and loved she also said that if ppl wanted the extra flavor we could just pipe it in the middle but she said they turned out perfect cant wait to use mine gotta wedding coming up they wanted something for the kids hth
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I found and bought the pan with a coupon. Have not use it because they recommend using a cooking spray with flour to spray the top and bottom of the pans and I don't have any. I will post again once I try it.
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So I tried the pan 3 times so far with no luck. I can not get round balls. I used a spray with flour and another just butter. The bottom part is perfectly round but the top looks more like a cone shape. I also tried filling to the top and using less batter but still no luck.

I watched the instructional video online and they definitely don't look like the video. Anyone else bought it and was successful in getting round balls?
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Finally got the bake pop pans. Yes, it took a while and they didn't charge me until they were ready to ship.... four weeks later. I was highly suspicious but decided to take a chance anyway. What bothered me is you can't find any objective reviews for this product. All are sponsored by the Bake Pop seller. Easy to tell. All of them say the same thing and have a link directly to Bake Pop. Hmmmm.

So today I tried it out and just like GatuPR, I got these funny shape pops that are round on one side and coned on the other. When you first put them in to bake, it's like they boil over, there's batter at the top of the hole, but when you scrap it off, the rest of the cake pop is further down in there and NOT going to reach the other side of the pan. No perfectly round ball here.
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i actually bought the bake pop pans this weekend. They sell them at bed bath and beyond and there was a $5 off coupon. So i got it for $15. My kids and i used it the same day. Piped the batter into the holes so it didnt make a mess. I got perfect round balls. The only thing i didnt like was there was a seam because the pans did not fit that tight. All i did was rub the seam with my fingers and the excess fell off. I would reccommend this to anyone. Im not a fan of the mushy cake pops. Another con i didnt like was they were a little dry, so im going to experiment with flavoring or simple syrups and see what happens.
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ness-p, would you mind sharing the recipe you used and what brand of cooking spray? I could not get round balls. I kept getting a cone type shape due to the hole on top, I think.

I also saw it sold at Rite Aid the other day. I was thinking of buying another one and just using the bottom pans.
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Originally Posted by SharonH20

What bothered me is you can't find any objective reviews for this product. All are sponsored by the Bake Pop seller. Easy to tell. All of them say the same thing and have a link directly to Bake Pop. Hmmmm.

Maybe this will help:
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If your pops are coned shaped on top .As soon as the pan is cool enough to touch but still warm . Flip the cake pop over in the pan so that the cone shaped end is down in the pan push sligthly and leave to cool. This helps some. Do not overfill pans with batter.
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Be absolutely certain you spray the pan with PAM "for baking" (with flour) or Wilton baking spray. Sprays WITHOUT flour makes cones for some odd reason. Don't know why. Something in the chemisrty of it all. And any other greasing method makes for probs (butter, oil, etc.) This pan is made to take half a standard mix. Mix it, split it in half, then dump one half into the pan. The angled flange keeps it all in while you use a spatula to spread it into the half spheres. Be sure the half balls are filled completely. They SHOULD overflow a bit but not all over the oven. If they peek through or overflow a bit (into yummy little cups) you know you had the right amount of batter. If it overflows all over the place, the overflow blocks the convection & keeps the ball from baking up fully. Not sure why people have problems with it. I get completely round balls every time if I use the prescribed method. But I have deviated from the instructions and a number of things have happened (too flat, too dry, etc.) Hope this helps!
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I tried my pans once and they did not turn out well at all...I haven't had a chance to try them again...the company messed up and ended up sending me 2 sets of the pans and only charged me for I guess it's a bonus set for me! I hope that I'm able to get them to work right...I like the idea of the pop being all cake dipped in chocolate...I'm hoping to try them again soon since we are working on cakepops for Valentine's Day...I will let you know if I get them figured out...
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