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transporting to wedding and other questions!!!

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Hi Everyone! First off- I REALLY appreciate any feedback you can give me on these questions!

Scenario: In October I am making cupcakes for a wedding in Texas (300 cupcakes with buttercream frosting). I am going to make all the fondant decorations a month in advance to get them done and out of the way. For those of you who've done this size order before I have a few questions:

1. Should I bake/freeze the cupcakes before hand in order to save myself time? How long will they last in the freezer? When should I thaw them out to frost?

2. I will have to transport them in my car and it will potentially be hot outside. I already have the boxes/cupcake inserts....but should I put them into a cooler with ice packs to ride in the car? I am paranoid they will melt on the way to the reception. (it's 30 minutes away).

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I would definately make them before and freeze them. I always make my cakes the weekend before they're due and wrap them tight in celophane to freeze. With cupcakes, if you have a Food Saver, you can put them in a Food Saver and suck the air out just until the cupcakes start to squish a little.

The day before the wedding you can take them out of the freezer for a few hours and do your buttercream. You can also make your BC a few days in advance and refrigerate it.

As for the transporting, I think it you leave your air conditioner on during the ride it should be ok. Do you have some kind of cover that you could put over the boxes so they're not in the direct light?
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thanks for your reply! I don't have a cover but I can come up with something like that.... good idea! I appreciate your help! icon_smile.gif
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I've always just put them on cookie sheets and wrapped the whole thing in plastic wrap when doing cupcakes, but I have large industrial size cookie sheets and a freezer to accomodate them. maybe just put them in the boxes and plastic wrap those for the freezer if you need to. Other than that, Yummy In My Tummy is right on track. Good luck.
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peanutbutterqueen be sure to start your car in advance and let it cool down before you put the cupcakes in then run your air on high and it should be fine maybe you can rig up some fabric over them to keep the direct sunlight off of them..
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Since it's not till October, you can do a couple of practice runs, especially since cupcakes can be made pretty quick and simple just for testing purposes.

bake some, freeze them, thaw and ice, put them in your car .... maybe package them 2 or 3 different ways to see which cupcakes last longer ... then take a 30 min drive.
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you guys rocks. Thanks again! icon_smile.gif
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