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Mould Mixture

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Hi there,

This might seem like a really daft question, I have bought a mold but i won't have time to get to a store that sells modelling chocolate or anything fancy like that.

Is there a way i can still make the mold, i.e. using a mixture from home? or anything?

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Not knowing what you are making a mold of, you can probably use gumpaste or fondant.

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Hi there, sorry it's a martini glass!
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You're molding a martini glass? What is your mold made of? If it's silicone, you can probably make a sugar, water, and corn syrup mixture to make a sugar martini glass. There are some youtube vids that might help.
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Yes I am! And that sounds absolutely perfect! Thank you so mucH, I'll have a look on YouTube!
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You're quite welcome. Glad I can help. icon_biggrin.gif
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