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How to make a tree

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does anyone know of a tutorial on how to make a tree out of fondant/gum paste/rkt? Not a Christmas tree, but one with a trunk and branches. It can be cartoonish, as it is for a Ojibwas and fern cake for my son. Thanks!!!
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I don't have a tutorial on it, but I can tell you how I made a big tree before. Cut a piece of foamcore with irregular edges to be the bottom of the tree. Make a hole in the middle of the foamcore for a dowel to fit through, then take a handful of dowels and tape them together, with one going through the foamcore. Use floral tape to tape them together. Then add wires where you want the branches to be, wrapped in floral tape. When you've got the structure the way you want it, start covering it with fondant or gumpaste. It's fine if it's bumpy or has lines in it...adds to the tree look. When it's all covered, take a butter knife or a veining tool and add lines on the tree. Let the tree dry, then make leaves and attach them here and there.
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I saw an article where someone used grape vines to ake the tree. Like whats left after you take the grapes off the bunch and they attached small fondant leaves. It was really cool.

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If you only want small trees there's some info here -
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Great minds think alike!
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marci620 this is a great idea thanks for sharing this post.
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Originally Posted by Marci620

Great minds think alike!

They most certainly do Marci620 icon_biggrin.gif
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Can someone please tell me how to get a cheery blossom tree to attach to a 4 tier wedding cake????? The tree is fondant mixed w/ gumpaste and I can't for the life of me get it to attach to the cake. HELP!!!!!
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If the tree is too tall, too heavy or too unbalanced to simply stand on top of the tree by itself, you have to stabilize it with a dowel or wires going up into the tree trunk and down through the cake. If the tree is large or heavy enough, the dowel may need to pass through a hole in the cardboard and/or be screwed into or otherwise fastened to the cake base.

I think it's usual to build the tree trunk and branches (out of fondant/gumpaste/modeling chocolate/combo of above) right onto a dowel or wire form, so I'm not sure how you'd "retrofit" one that was done separately, but maybe you can poke floral wire it up through the trunk? How big is your cherry tree?

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Here's how I did them once, it worked really well
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Thank you so much!!
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you can visit my pace . I discovered a new way to make a wonderful tree:)

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