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I made my cookie pops using the nfsc recipe..can i refridgerate them until Tuesday and then Ice them with Royal Icing and then freeze them..I wont have a big block of time to ice them all until then. Plus I have never done it before so I want to take my time.

thanks for any help

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You can freeze your baked cookie pops. I would not refrig them. Take them out of the freezer for an hour or so, leaving in the airtight container to come to room temp. Proceed with decorating.

You could even take out just a few at a time, decorate them, then pull out more for later. let your iced cookies dry well, often I do overnight, before packaging or plating.
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The problem is is that I don't need them for couple of weeks but I want to ice them now and freeze them. Can they wait until Tuesday to be iced and the frozen?
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If you are using royal icing, you do not need to freeze them. Just frost them and put them in baggies (or plastic wrap) and then put the baggies into an airtight container until you need them. Sugarcookies can remain in storage for quite some time.
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