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Cake Box Storage

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I really need your help! How do you organize and store your cake boxes so that you can get to them easily and they don't get all bent up? Is there a storage rack available for purchase somewhere?
Perplexed in Atlanta
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I store mine on the bottom slots of my bakery/pan rack.
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LadyGDiver I have the same situation. I currently lay mine flat on the rack that I have mine storage containers. I have to move stuff when I want one and they aren't separated by size which is also a pain but I don't have any other place at this time. Saw your perplexed in Atlanta - what part are you in? I am south of the airport (Fayetteville) icon_smile.gif
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Hi 2xMiMi
I'm up in Buckhead on Miami Circle and there's got to be an easy way to organize and store these boxes. I can't possibly be the only one who's run across this issue!!
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Um, a dedicated shelving unit that holds nothing but my boxes. Each shelf is a different size.
I must be missing something here. I see this in a lot of bakeries I have been in.
I am no longer active on CC.  They will not let me delete my account.
I am no longer active on CC.  They will not let me delete my account.
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I first stack together same size boxes laid flat. Fold them in half, then stack them on my bottom shelf largest to smallest. When I need one, I pull from the center of which ever stack of the size I need. Does that make sense? I am posting a picture you can KINDA see my bottom shelf...there is plenty of room on top of the boxes for the cake rounds that I keep organized in those little paper bags!
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Is this something you built or bought. You're not missing something... I am. Thanks, Nancy
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Something like this:

While mine is not exactly this shelving unit, this is what I use and seen.
I am no longer active on CC.  They will not let me delete my account.
I am no longer active on CC.  They will not let me delete my account.
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Thank You
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LindaF - this is something like I have in my laundry room but it has the storage bins on pans, cupcake liners, etc. Unfortunately I don't have space for another shelf in my house so I just have to put them all flat on one of the shelves but it would be nice to have a dedicated space to be able to spread them by sizes. icon_smile.gif
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What might work if you have a long shelf, would be to place those
Sweater dividers on top, which will make (slots) to place your boards/boxes, Or possible use the lid dividers or cookie sheet dividers from the kitchen stores. ?
best of luck with organization
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i totally understand what you are talking about. Mine too were behind sofa or in closet but always falling apart. I got inspired by this photo, this is actually pizza boxes stacked on top of each other to hold my kids drawing in the their playroom. My husband made me this version in MDF wood. It was simple to make as a DIY project. Now my boxes are out of my way. The only thing is you need a place to store this wooden box. 

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I'm so lucky to have a handy husband.  He built mine out of wood - to look exactly like the stacked pizza boxes above.  They're in the cellar - and sometimes during extra humid weather they get a cellar smell so I put the ones I need out on the back porch in full sun for a couple hours and they smell sunshine fresh for the next days delivery.  If the sun isn't coming out for a couple days, put the boxes inside a large plastic bag with two dryer sheets over night.

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I am in the process of having shelving built for all of my cake supplies. Trying to keep my stuff separate from my daughters at the restaurant in a PITA. She may raise my rent if I can't get organized! lol

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