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How do I put together / assemble my airbrush machine?

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Hey all icon_smile.gif

I just received my Master Airbrush machine kit from amazon. Does anyone have this same model and know how to put the pieces together? I am in need of a tutorial. Have no clue where to start. The package didn't come with assembly instructions.

If anyone has any tutorials on how to assemble an airbrush machine (any brand), kindly post. Really need help here.
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I believe the airbrush machine that I just got for my birthday is the same model as yours. (I think it was purchased from Amazon, too) I understand your frustration about how to assemble the machine. I have never used an airbrush machine either and you're right...there aren't any instructions! I can happily say that I have used this machine several times so I think I assembled it right. icon_smile.gif
Basically, I connected the blue braided cord to the airbrush pen and the other end to the black valve type thing. You need to screw both ends on. You connect it to the "side piece" of the black valve type thing. (Sorry, I don't know the technical names for this machine.) You will squirt the paint color into the round canister attached to the airbrush pen. I was able to find some YouTube tutorials that were helpful.
PM me if you need a better explanation. I can probably post a picture of it assembled so it's easier to understand. Good luck!
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a lot of times you can go online with the name and model number and find the assembly directions. if not, perhaps you can find someone in the area to help. we have an airbrush guy (has a booth at the mall) that helped me. i took mine apart (i had the directions too) when i had trouble with it spraying. i couldn't get one of the parts to 'seat' right inside the gun. he was more than happy to help. he didn't charge me, but i did leave a tip for him.
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IF you have the Fat Daddio (I just got mine from Amazon), on the black part unscrew the nut & attach your hose's just behind the pressure gauge.  I looked that the pic, connected, tested, & it did what it was supposed to do.  --I just got mine in the mail...

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We can help more if you specify exactly which model you purchased or copy/paste the link (there are 2 Master cake decorating kits I found on Amazon).  Sometimes the paper instructions for the airbrush are underneath the black foam that's holding the airbrush pieces inside its plastic casing.

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You can see the paper peeking through in this picture from Amazon.  It's underneath the foam.


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