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bulk single serve cupcake container

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Where is the cheapest place to buy single serve bulk cupcake containers on line or anywhere? I want to buy a few cases
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It really depends on where you live..
I buy mine from
but I live in Canada... I heard brp boxes offers free shipping within the USA... So it all ads up..
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Like what kind are you looking for? The small clam shell ones? Individual boxes with window? Dome tops?
Remember Love Is In The Details
Remember Love Is In The Details
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Plastic Container City. Here's their cupcake / muffin page.

This place has lots of container styles. They have baking supplies too. OP mentioned case quantities, but for a hobby bakers (like me) they are great because they allow you to order small quantities as long as you meet a $ amount - which is reasonable.
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If you are looking for the clear plastic ones go to
that is where I order mine from and I looked around ALOT before buying to check prices.
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I am a forever fan of BRP Boxshop, have nothing but praise for them, that is where I get all of my windowed boxes.

Here is my hidden secret for bakery display boxes, like clamshell cupcake containers. Try your local grocery stores (most) if you ask the bakery manager will order case quantities of anything they have for you! And the best part is you don't have to pay shipping and it only takes like 2 or three days before they have another truck delivery.

It is awesome!! I just love different packaging options so it's great. I order containers and 60lbs tubs of buttercream from my Albertsons so I always have some on hand, love them! Andrea
Remember Love Is In The Details
Remember Love Is In The Details
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Another option for individual cupcake packaging is to take a 9oz clear plastic cup and lid. Put the cupcake on the lid and then put attach the cup over the cupcake.
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I do the 9 oz. cup and lid too. But I also have the brp boxes. It depends on your application.
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I would love to see a pic of the 9 oz. cup and lid and where to buy them. I have also been looking for a cheap alternative for cupcakes, as I am only a hobby baker on a very small scale but cupcakes are what I sell the most. Thanks so much!
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Here's a quick shot of a cupcake in a 9oz cup. I buy mine at GFS. You can probably get them at any restaurant supply store. I also looked at Costco but they didn't have them. I have heard that Sam's does but I don't go to Sam's so I dunno.

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Thanks so much for the response! I will look online, we don't have a Costco and our Sam's does not carry themicon_sad.gif Have you seen the cupcake pods on etsy? Those are cool also.
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Plastic Container City sells them. About half way down the page:
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I use a 9oz sundae cup with the lid as the base, the good thing about them is the lid is deep and keeps them in nicely, i live in Canada and buy from Real Canadian Wholesale Club, ill try to attach a pic
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a pic of my cupcakes i sell at my local Farmers market
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I will post in my pictures, and the link to it on Facebook
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