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Fat Daddio Mad Dadder Pans Review and WARNING!!!

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Considering I got no replies to my earlier post asking how these pans are, I guess I'm the only one on cake central who was stupid enough to buy these. So I just tested them out right now and here is my review:

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! I really wish I hadn't icon_sad.gif

The baking was totally uneven, with the shorter side dry and rock-hard while the taller side took FOREVER to bake all the way through. Let me mention here that I am not an amateur baker, nor was my recipe flawed/untested, nor did I do anything wrong. These pans are seriously a big waste of money, a very poorly designed product, and a total rip-off. I really did not expect this from a company like fat daddio because their regular pans are excellent.

I wish I could get my hard earned money back. Anyone who has their own cake business knows how hard it is in the beginning when all your profits go directly to buying supplies, so please please please don't repeat my mistake.

I am so disappointed right now....
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I didn't know what a mad dadder pan was so I looked it up and was curious if it came with instructions on how to bake the cake evenly. Because logically if one side has more batter than the other it would be done on one side while the other was still raw..right?
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Yes mena, I wish I had used the same logic before purchasing them. I really thought the manufacturer would've thought about this and designed the pan in a way that this problem could be prevented.. Apparently not...
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I'm sorry this happened to you but I'm glad you posted your experience so that others can learn from this too icon_smile.gif
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God I feel for you, it is always really hard to know what new products to buy to enhance your business and then to have something fail so badly you must be gutted.

I really hope you go back to the manufacturer and give them your feedback and I would ask them for a refund or explanation of how exactly the cake is meant to be cooked so it's even. If they are selling it they must have tested it surely!
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Hmmm...I thought about buying those pans too....Sorry about the wasted money but I do appreciate the feedback about the pans...

Busy Bakin Kakes For Kids!!!

Mom to Mitchell 13 yrs and Delaney 11 yrs


Busy Bakin Kakes For Kids!!!

Mom to Mitchell 13 yrs and Delaney 11 yrs

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I don't know if this will work but try putting aluminum foil on the smaller half side of the pan and see if that helps keeping it from cooking faster than the other side. Definitely contact the company.
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Thanks for the warning, mena. I'm sorry it was at such a huge expense to you.
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This is so upsetting...I just purchased these pans & got them in the mail yesterday!
Uggghh icon_sad.gif
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Maybe you could try putting a heating core on the deep end of the pan and cover the shallow end of the pan.
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icon_surprised.gif Thanks for the heads up! I have been considering buying these pans for a couple of months now, and after seeing your post, I think I will hold off! I'm so sorry for your loss of investment! I KNOW that is SO FRUSTRASTING! I hope you can find a succesful way to use them! I you do, please let us know! GOOD LUCK!
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I have those pans. I don't have a problem with baking uneven. However they do take about 5 minutes longer. Other than the longer time they come out just the same as my other pans.
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mplaidgirl2 how do you bake them? I'm curious because I ordered these pans last week and should be getting them soon. It does make sense to use a heating core or a flower nail in the deeper end I may have to try that.
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Well if someone had a good experience with these, I really would like to hear more about it..

I also don't think it's safe to stack the cakes this way.. as I said in my original post, a hand-carved topsy turvy cake has a FLAT base for each tier to sit on and merely LOOKS like the tiers are slanted. With these pans, the tiers really ARE slanted and could slide right off of one another. If a topsy turvy cake was that easy to assemble, all you would have to do is slice off a chunk of your cakes at an angle and stack them on top of each other. That is essentially what this pan does. This is something I should've thought of before buying them.

As for the uneven baking, I totally blame the company. The pans should be designed in a way that the cakes bake even. If heating cores and what not are needed, the pans should come with them and special instructions on how to use them.

Anyway, this was just my honest feedback and I hope it helped. Those of you who just purchased them, I advise you to leave them in the packaging and send them right back. I am going to contact the company but considering I have already used them and don't have my receipt, I'm not sure what good it'll do. But I do know that if they do not compensate me in some way, I won't be buying from them again because this was an expensive purchase and the product is clearly flawed.
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Gee...I almost considered buying them. Thanks for posting your experience.
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