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They are acting like you took the money and never delivered a cake. The event hasn't even happened yet, right?!
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Great FAQ page! I'm glad you added it. I had to write a comment on the article too. I couldn't resist.
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I'm confused.... The story the news reporter and client told doesn't sound the same as what you told us here. If they have the information incorrect, you need to respond to that. And the other complaint, was that someone associated with the bride? Do they know each other? I'm so sorry this has happened. If I were in your position, I would be a mess. I had my first minor complaint about two weeks ago and was upset. So, I know this has to be hard on you. I would just want people to know the truth and how much I sincerely care about my customers. To me, I'm in this business to serve people and make their special occassions even better. I want every customer to walk away completely satisfied with every aspect of their dealings with me. I would want everyone reading the article to know my true position and feelings. It doesn't seem like your side has been expressed at all.
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I had to leave a comment on the article too... I've been following this thread, and I'm so irritated that they even did the story. The presented no facts that said you "duped" the customer, yet they said it over and over in different ways! I'm sure people watching (or at least the intelligent ones who think for themselves) will pick up on that. They say over and over that you didn't full fill your obligation to the client (head scratching on that one), but how could you if the wedding hasn't happened yet?!
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I'm confused too... the story posted here doesn't sound anything like the news story.
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Originally Posted by WykdGud

I'm confused too... the story posted here doesn't sound anything like the news story.

That's not surprising...If they went to the news to try to threaten the OP I'm sure they'd tell their story to make it sound like she's more culpable than she is. I've heard a lot of news stories reporting on things that I knew about where the news twisted it enough to make it more interesting. Or they'll leave out the one detail that makes the story not make sense, because then they wouldn't have anything to report on.
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Wow. That is the dumbest "news" story I've heard in a long time. Anyone can cruise over to your lovely website and see that you conduct your business in a professional and courteous manner. Your cakes are beautiful and obviously take time and care to make. The contract is clear and concise, and protects the client just as much as it protects you. The whole situation is ridiculous, but hopefully at least some people will check out your site out of curiosity, and end up being regular customers as a result!

By the way, I was reading over your catering menu, and I am drooling. Makes me want to move to Texas and host a huge party! You don't deliver to Idaho, do you? icon_smile.gif
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In the long run, any thinking individual can visit your website and sort this out - in your favor. You might end up needing to thank these PITAs for all the free advertising!
He's still got the whole world in His hands.
He's still got the whole world in His hands.
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Bummer. I am so sorry this is happening to you. People nowadays just are so hate filled and spiteful, aren't they? I hope everything fizzles out quickly so you don't lose a bunch of business from this!
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I think I would enlist a lawyer at this point because I'm afraid this crazy woman is determined to bring you down. She thinks if she applies enough pressure you will cave in and not only will she get her money back but she can destroy your business in the process. Comparing your original post to what the news "reported" as her accusations, she is dancing farther and farther from the truth of what happened in order to make her case sound sympathetic and you sound untrustworthy and underhanded. All futher communication between you and her should be conducted by your attorney. I think I would ask my lawyer to draft a letter to her demanding that she cease the slanderous accusations or submit proof in writing to support her claims. I would also see if my attorney would contact the tv station and file a complaint that they have reported events that are not 100 percent factual. I would ask them to produce proof of the fraudulent activities they alleged that you committed....grrr I absolutely can't stand whiny liars and their lies and half truths.

ETA - To clarify, I'm not saying go after her for revenge with a lawyer. I'm saying that the time has come to protect yourself and your business interests. She is beyond the stage of "lets work this out like civil adults" and anything you say to her now is at risk of being used against you.
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Oh my dear lord, I can't believe that I just watched that stupid non-story. I can't believe that a reporter and an editor thought it was newsworthy. The bride is a crazy woman. You need a lawyer.

The story is, on top of everything else, badly put together. It makes it sound like "It's 5 weeks before my wedding and I can't get a hold of my baker, so my wedding is ruined." What????
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As distasteful as the news story is (at least the story on the web site, I didn't watch the video), there doesn't seem to be anything legally actionable from a libel perspective. Only OP can answer if there were any actual lies in the article though.

I also think hiring a lawyer to try to silence this person would backfire in terms of further negative PR (I can just see the news station airing a followup story with the customer ranting that OP is trying to trample her first amendment rights). IMO OP has already taken the best course of action by adding a FAQ page clarifying her policies, although the home page should call more attention to the new FAQ section.
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Wow... just wow. I can't believe this.

I don't know how much you are charging for your cakes but it can't possibly be enough to cover the extra phone time, webcams and private texts that you need to be sending your customers minute by minute updates of everything you do. I mean obviously if you design a cake and collect a deposit you should make your ENTIRE LIFE available to each and every one of your customers. Was the design etched out in blood? Cause I am sure that ink probably wouldn't be enough to satisfy that STALKER. (ok this paragraph is meant to be sarcastic but I am sorry I just can't believe the gall of that woman). Yeah I get it that maybe you might have mentioned you were going on vacation but hey everyone makes a little misstep now and again and for that you have apologized.

For Crisco's sake though, she has had a while and if she was really panic striken about it she could have sent you a registered letter, from the news story she had weeks and weeks sit around waiting for you to call her back (read that with Scarlett O'Hara's accent). Maybe she's a little OCD but I think she has several personality disorders to deal with if she goes to the evening news to air her imagined problem. I think she is a publicity seeking crazo and if you retain counsel you might want to ask if she has real medical issues besides being a SuperBridezilla (not the regular model but the upgrade).

Don't even get me started on that No-News-But-Gossip-News Station, there is nothing in that report that constitues you defrauding anyone...only accusations and rumors.

All I can say is that I will say a little prayer for her mental health and a big 'un for yours. Sorry this has been volcanoed out of proportion and God Bless you.
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Dear Lord, help where this word is headed with all these sue-happy, instant-gratification people. I am honestly terrified of where we are headed.

I have a feeling this is going to be the norm sooner than later.
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Originally Posted by KalisCakes

I know this seems obvious, but hear me out: I have no clue how to handle this situation. I have a couple who want to cancel their wedding cake with me. They attended another wedding where we did the wedding cake, and unfortunately we had a bit of a cake delivery disaster there resulting in one tier being damaged. Because of this, these clients say they have "lost faith in my ability to produce the cake they are wanting".

Their wedding is June 25th (just a few weeks away.) They signed my contract in February, and left their deposit. They are now wanting their deposit refunded. I explained to them they signed a contract, and that deposits and prepayments are non-refundable, though should they choose to cancel, and prepayments would be applied to another event occurring withing 90 days, as is stated in their contract.

This didn't go over well, and they began to make threats of taking me to court (okay, I have contracts for that reason) and going to the news stations, etc. I don't want to deal with the hassle of the news stations in the event they actually do some kind of report, nor do I want negative publicity. But I also am not inclined to train anyone that a contract is non-binding. Help!!!

So is the wedding 5 weeks away, or two weeks away (June 25th)? Your version is that you have been in contact with them and explained your policy, but then say you went on vacation and were out of contact ...

I based my initial response assuming that your OP was factual, but I'm going to have to revise my statement and recommend you give these people their money back.
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